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5 ways to get from the Barcelona el Prat airport to city center

All you need to know about how to get from El Prat airport to Barcelona

How do you get from El Prat airport to Barcelona? It was a long flight, you are probably tired and jet-lagged, a bit disoriented after arriving to the Barcelona-El Prat airport for the first time. And now… how do you get to your hotel?

Today we are sharing with you our favorite Barcelona airport transportation options:

L9 Subway Line.  Just innaugurated in 2016, this brand new line connects the airport with the University Zone (very convenient if you are staying near the FC Barcelona stadium) via the Fira II area. Then you can switch to the L· Green Line that takes you to la Rambla, Plaça Catalunya and Passeig de Gràcia – although it’s a long detour compared with the average subway rides in the city. The T10 card and the regular single tickets can’t be used to get to the airport: you’ll need to get a special airport single ticket or a multi-day pass

Aerobus. This Blue bus is the Barcelona airport shuttle departing from the airport terminals every 15min. anb connecting both airport terminals with Plaça Catalunya in 45min. From there, you can take taxis or subway to get to your hotel. BTW, there is also the Bus #46 running every 15-20min connecting all the airport terminals with Plaça Espanya in around 25min, depending on the traffic.

Rodalies trains. The Barcelona airport train departs every thirty minutes or so, from the station in Terminal 2 (free shuttles available from Terminal 1). It takes 30min to enter the city, and the trains stop in Sants Estació and Passeig de Gràcia.Barcelona airport transportation

Private transfers. If you don’t want to have to deal with non-English speaking taxi drivers (or too smart ones that will take the longest way to your hotel so the meter gets higher than it’d be), booking a private transfer is a more expensive but very convenient idea, and it’s the only way to get transfers from BCN to cruise ship terminal. Make sure that the company you choose uses only professional fully licensed and insured drivers with SP plate vehicles (SP stands for Servicio Público – Public Service) 

Take a sightseeing tour from el Prat airport to Barcelona. If you are landing in the morning, it is very likely that your hotel room or apartment won’t be available until noon or later. Why would you waste your precious first hours in Barcelona lying in the coaches of the lobby when you could be starting to get familiar with our city? We can send a driver to pick you up at the terminal and then our guides will join you at the entrance of the city for a relaxed city overview ending at the hotel (or apartment or cruiseship). Starting your stay in Barcelona with a great tour starting at the airport is a very smart way to get in town.

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What about you? Head to the comments and tell us: how are you planning to get from el Prat Airport to Barcelona?

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