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How to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona

Barcelona travel: Travel safe!

In today’s post we want to teach you how to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona so you can have a safe and happy vacation. Photo Credit

Although things are not as bad as they were some years ago, Barcelona is still a big city and you must follow some travel safety rules to avoid bad experiences.

Following a few easy safety tips can help you staying safe and happy throughout your stay, not just in Barcelona: these general safety rules that will also help you avoiding pickpockets in Europe in general.


Travel safe in BarcelonaBe alert... Pickpockets are likely to be around in most tourist sites: La Rambla, the squares and streets around the Cathedral and the Picasso Museum, the surroundings of the Sagrada Família church (and even in the spiral stairs of its towers!), the beach (btw, make sure to check out our safety rules for the beach, if you are visiting in the summer), the most popular parks…

Be smart. Use common sense: do not consider the back pocket of your jeans a safe place for your wallet (it’s not!).

Be difficult. Pick-pockets prefer easy victims: so make things difficult for them. Carry your bag with the zipper opening facing forward: pickpockets usually operate from behind, so make it difficult for them to reach the opening! A bag with a long strap that you can cross over your chest is always a good idea. My favorite bag to travel safe has a flap over the opening, what makes it even more difficult to pickpocket. And wear your backpack in front of you (or don’t keep anything important inside: they are experts opening backpacks without no one noticing).How to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona

Be careful with your belongings. In an outdoors café, never hang your bag from the back of the chair. Keep it always on your lap or between your feet. Or if you drop your bags (while taking a picture, for instance), keep them between your feet so nobody can grab them and run away.

But be relaxed. Pickpockets can sense fear… And they know that if you are scared, that probably means you have something they might want to get! The only time (in 12 years) that I got a client effectively pick-pocketed under my nose was a lady that was totally freaked out about walking around Barcelona. So relax: take precautions, but be cool and confident. After all, you are on holidays! 

But wait! Do you know  how to avoid pickpockets in the subway? Share this post to read our advice.


Barcelona is a beautiful city to enjoy: have fun with your sightseeing and prevent bad experiences by following these simple safety rules.

What about you? What precautions do you take to travel safe?

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