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Barcelona treats: churros and hot chocolate

An itinerary around the best churros in Barcelona (and the best hot chocolate, of course!)

I loooooove churros and hot chocolate. It was my favorite Sunday breakfast when I was a child, and nothing made me happier than having my grandparents (or parents, or aunties!) taking me to a granja (cafe specializing in dairy products) to enjoy a cup of think hot chocolate and dip some churros on it.

Now as a grown-up I still fall in the temptation of heading to my favorite churros and hot chocolate cafes from time to time, and I’m thrilled when my guests ask me to take them there.

Yes, in Barcelona hot chocolate is relatively easy to find in most bars and cafes, but good churros aren’t that common. You need to know which place has them, or you’ll end up ordering a not-so-great croissant to dip instead.

So today I’m going to be generous with you and I’m going to share with you my favorite places for churros and hot chocolate. But promise me not to spread the word too much! That’s where we go for Barcelona hot chocolate in our chocolate tours!

churros-and-hot-chocolateHere is where you’ll find the best Barcelona hot chocolate and churros:

Petritxol street. If you ask any local where to go for some authentic Barcelona hot chocolate, they will definitely direct you to this narrow alley off La Rambla, famous for its two hot chocolate cafes. I’d dare saying the city is divided in two: the locals that always go to La Pallaresa, and those who prefer Dulcinea. I must admit that my family used to be Dulcinea goers, but with the years I became a La Pallaresa fan: the chocolate is much better! Plus in La Pallaresa they serve two sizes of hot chocolate: I recommend to go for the small size (just a bit bigger than an espresso), as it’s so rich only “trained” locals usually can finish up the latte sized ones.

La Nena. If you like going off the beaten path, in the Gracia district you’ll find this café with great homemade cakes and famous for their churros and hot chocolate, too. You are likely to be the only foreigner there, except maybe for some exchange student living in the area. While still very thick, the hot chocolate here incorporates more milk than those in Petritxol.

Viader. The direct competition of the Petritxol granjas, located in the other side of La Rambla founded in 1870. Their hot chocolate is darker (as they use water instead of milk to thicken it). Or if you are not too fond of thick hot chocolate, then order a Cacaolat: it’s the most famous local brand of chocolate milk shake… that was invented precisely in this cafe in 1931!

Barcelona hot chocolate: Cacao SampakaCacao Sampaka. One of my favorite chocolate shops in Barcelona, it also features a cozy cafe at the back where they serve one of my favorite Barcelona hot chocolate and churros. Order the Aztek one for a touch of spicyness in your chocolate. Or if it’s too hot outside, go for their liquid chocolates instead: delicious cold chocolate shakes (their saffron and orange one is amazing!). And for an alternative to churros, order “melindros”: spongy cakes that Barcelona people have also traditionally dipped in their hot chocolate.

Escribà. Probably the most famous family of cake makers in town, they are the 4th generation in the business and own two venues in town: the main one and more off-the-beaten-path in Gran Via, and a tiny one in La Rambla with gorgeous Modernist decoration. And both have a cafe where you can order your churros and hot chocolate (or a croissant or a cake instead of churros… everything is a temptation here!). A tip: order a Swiss to get your Barcelona hot chocolate topped with a scoop of whipped cream.

In this post I’ve been focusing a lot in the Barcelona hot chocolate, but what about churros? While there are a few churro trucks and churreria shops in town, not all of them sell hot chocolate, too (or their hot chocolate isn’t too good). But there is still hope!

Do you want to know where to buy the best churros in Barcelona and get some great chocolate too? Share this post and we’ll tell you!



So what about you? Head to the comments below and tell us: Where do you go for churros and hot chocolate in Barcelona?


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