Chauffeured or Walking tours?

Should you book a walking or a chauffeured tour?

We help you choosing the best option for your private tour

In my experience, often travelers need help deciding whether a walking or a chauffeured tour is the right choice for them. While some itineraries clearly prefer one option over the other, in other tours the difference is not that clear.

For instance, the Old Town of Barcelona is a pedestrian area, so our Barri Gotic tour is definitely best done walking. Instead, most day trips out of town can’t be done by public transportation, so a private driver is absolutely required. In such cases, we already state in our website what transportation option works best.

As for our Gaudi tour, a chauffeured tour isn’t really more time-efficient than taking taxis, but it can be more convenient in some cases. And the same happens when people consider booking 2 or 3 city tours with us.

So today we’re sharing with you the points you should evaluate when deciding if you should book a walking or a chauffeured tour.Chauffeured vs Walking tour: what to choose

These are the most important aspects to consider:

Your goals. A chauffeured tour allows you to cover more sites in less time, that’s why they work great for cruisers, or travelers wanting to get a quick overview of the city so they can revisit their favorite sites later on their own. However, chauffeured city overviews are somehow superficial compared to walking tours where you get in a more intimate touch with the city. That’s why walking tours work great to get oriented and learn how to move around.

Budget. Chauffeured tours are intrinsically more expensive than walking tours because they involve more elements: the tour guide, the driver (see here why tour guides don’t drive in Spain), plus the vehicle maintenance, gas and mileage expenses. That extra cost can vary a lot from a city or a country to another, so don’t be frustrated if you can’t always afford a chauffeured tour: focus in all the advantages of walking tours instead.Chauffeured versus walking tours: how to pick wisely

Energy levels. A walking tour can be quite energy demanding, whereas a chauffeured tour gives you the opportunity to rest between the sites. That’s why chauffeured tours usually work best for seniors, kids and people with walking issues, but also for anyone jet-lagged taking a tour right after landing from a long overnight flight. Also, the lower stamina, the shorter your tour should be.

Luxury and comfort. Booking a chauffeured tour you get an awesome Mercedes minivan (at least, with us!), air-conditioned, roomy and with leather seats. For some people, this small luxury is a treat that adds value to their vacations. Instead, walking tours sometimes require taxi rides and then… let’s face it: you never know how the vehicle will be. And it’s not just about luxury: when touring in the summer having a driver can make a big difference: it’s soooo nice to get back to the cool minivan after being outdoors visiting the sites sweating under the summer sun!Walking or Chauffeured tours: how to pick the best for you

Your location. A driver can pick you up anywhere, no matter if you are at the airport, at the cruise pier, or in a hotel far from the city center. But if you book a walking tour, you’ll probably have to meet your guide in the city center unless you are already staying somewhere convenient enough for your itinerary (or are fine wasting some precious tour time on a taxi ride to the city center).

And there is one more thing to take into account. Share this post to read it:


So should you book a chauffeured tour or a walking tour? There is really no right or wrong answer: there are as many answers as there are travelers.

Consider carefully your needs, goals and expectations for your tour, and compare them to the points we disclosed in this post: how much time will you be in town? how much are you willing to spend in your tour? do you really need a private driver or you are OK with taxis? Are you and your family ready to walk for the whole tour length, if needed? Weight your answers to find out what is the best choice for you.

And if still in doubt, make sure to share your thoughts with us and we’ll be delighted to recommend what will work the best for you.

o what about you? Head to the comments below and tells us: are you a chauffeured or a walking tour person?



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    Posted by Linda Mintz| October 19, 2015 |Reply

    My husband and I are interested in taking the private walking Gaudi tour sometime the week of Oct. 25-Oct.30. We might be interested in doing the additional hour (or two) but seem to not find what the additional cost would be. Are you available and what would the additional cost be?

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