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Should you stay at the Barcelona W hotel?

Pros and cons of the W Hotel in Barcelona

It can’t go unnoticed. This sail shaped building of 99 meters high at the seaside it’s seen from miles away, changing completely the seascape. Although its polemic construction at only 20 meters from the sea (Spanish law states 100 meters from the sea), it has already become an emblematic contemporary building from the city, and the first hotel in Western Europe from the Starwood Hotels and Resorts chain.  The architect was the well-known Ricardo Bofill.Barcelona W hotel building

5 reasons to stay at the Barcelona Hotel W:

Impressive views. Being only 20 meters from the sea, and no buildings around, every room offers superb views over the city and the sea. Not many hotels in Barcelona can say that…

Eclipse Bar. The drink bar of the Barcelona Hotel W is definitely worth a visit, as much as for its great cocktails and music, as for its views. It’s located on the 26th floor and it’s open every evening. Go at sunset if you are not a party goers, or arrive after midnight for a magical and chic dancing night. Don’t hesitate to try their Passion Fruit Martini or a Mojito!

Bliss Spa. It deserves a huge Wow. Two complete floors and 700 square meters dedicated to beauty and relax. There’s a boutique, two manicure and pedicure nail stations, treatment rooms, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi… and a wide range of Trademark Bliss services. Check their website for weekday discounts!W hotel in Barcelona: Eclipse bar

Bravo 24 restaurant by chef Carles Abellán. Have you ever wonder what people from Barcelona from the 15th to the 18th centuries ate? Carlos Abellán,  Michelin star chef, cooks at the Bravo 24 restaurant traditional old recipes using modern methods and high quality products. Meat, fish and seafood are the main dishes, often broiled on wood or charcoal to preserve all natural flavors. It also offers an all-day tapas service (we love their bravas, bombas and croquettes).

Eco-friendly. Unfortunately, not many hotels are committed to be sustainable… But the Barcelona W Hotel makes a great effort to be eco-friendly and reduce the impact on the environment while keeping a luxurious atmosphere. Recycling, conscious water consumption, power saving systems, use of sustainable products… As they state, ‘it’s cool to be green’. Well done!

But wait! Is it everything that great or are there any downsides? Share this post and we will tell you what many people complain about the Barcelona W hotel:


So what about you? Head to the comments below and tells us: Would you stay at the Barcelona Hotel W and why?



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    Posted by Thea| August 5, 2015 |Reply

    Looks like an amazing hotel. Love that it’s eco-friendly too. I really need to travel to Barcelona some day…

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