Pedrera by Gaudi: what to see there

Should you visit La Pedrera?

One of Antoni Gaudi’s Masterpieces: La Pedrera

La Pedrera, also called Casa Mila is an impressive apartment building in Passeig de Gracia, one of the most emblematic buildings in Barcelona, built between 1906 and 1912. La Pedrera was the last Antoni Gaudí private project before entirely focusing on the Sagrada Familia church. An innovative building that didn’t respect any conventional style, was an object of controversy for a while, what earnt it its nickname, La Pedrera (keep reading to discover why!) On 1984 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What to visit in La Pedrera?


Inner Courtyards. The ground plan is organized around several courtyards that contributed to let sunlight into the building and improve ventilation of the building. The patio façades, full of light and colors, are decorated with paintings related to flowers and nature. Gorgeous!

Rooftop. The original rooftop of this buildings is definitely one of its highlights. Staircase shafts covered in broken pottery, 28 twisted chimneys and two curious vents to ventilate the building… All decorated with marble, broken Valencia tiles and glass (it’s said that he reused the bottles of the inauguration party to decorate one of the chimneys). The rooftop was called by a Catalan poet as “the garden of warriors” as the chimneys seems to protect the city.

Espai Gaudi. The Espai Gaudí is situated in the attic. This unique room built with 270 parabolic arches that look like a giant ribs sheltered the washing rooms. Now it houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to Gaudí’s work and life: models, building plans, photographs, videos… to help you getting a better understanding of this genius and his architecture.

Casa Mila Rooftop

The Apartment.

The forth floor has been set up to explain know how  a bourgeois family lived in Barcelona in XX century. It recreates the atmosphere of the time original antique furniture and domestic equipment.

La Pedrera by Night. During day time you can visit all the spaces mentioned above, but if you would like to live a unique experience, don’t miss the night audiovisual show taking you also around the different areas of the building, and finishing with a spectacular video mapping shop in the rooftop inspired in the origins of life and Gaudí’s architecture essence. Get here your Casa Mila by night tickets and travel to Gaudí’s fantastic world!

But wait! Would you like to know why this buildings has two names? Share this post to discover it!



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