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Top Barcelona burger restaurants

Where can you find the best burgers in Barcelona?

Yes, we know it: when we travel we are supposed to try the local food. But what if your trip is several days long? You’ll end up sick of so many tapas, paella and fried stuff! You need some variety, something fun that is also familiar to you. Specially if you are traveling with kids or teens. And how doesn’t love a good burger?

Burgers don’t always have to be junk food: they can be real good food, too. It’s all in the ingredients and the care with which they are made. So if you can feel you’ll need to get a burger at some point, forget about McDonalds and Burger King. Don’t miss today’s post to discover where to find the best burgers in town!Best burgers in Barcelona for travelers

These are our favorite burger joints in barcelona:

Bacoa. They were one of the first burger bars in town to turn burgers into a gourmet delicacy while preserving its fun, when they opened first a tiny joint behind the Santa Caterina Market, but now you can find them in several other locations in town, all of them very central. They use 100% organic veal meat from the Pyrenees for their 7 burger presentations that come in a bun, with salad, onion, tomato and home made mayo. The Bacoa burger menu also includes chicken, lamb and veggie burgers, 3 different home made ketchups, 3 different types of fries, and every few days they present a new “special edition” burger that keeps people wanting to go back and check what’s new. They also cater for special diets including lactose-free and vegan, but they can’t guarantee a 100% gluten-free without traces.

Frankfurt Pedralbes. When I was a child, my parents would regularly take me and my brother to this busy street food place that was around before burgers and hot dogs where a trend – let alone street food! Families would pack the street with their cars parked where it was allowed and where it wasn’t. The floor of the bar was carpeted with dirty napkins, and I was fascinated by the waiters shouting orders to the two guys behind the very hot grill. We ate our meal out in the street, outside the car, if we couldn’t find a stool available inside. That’s where I learned a hot dog could be flavored with different ingredients, and to appreciate local companies producing their own home made products, in front of multinationals selling the very same thing at every restaurant chain around the world. It’s been decades, and the place hasn’t changed. Don’t look for anything fancy: no lots of toppings and fries. You get the plain thing: a bun and your meat, and you can add some ketchup and mustard at will. While sausages are their specialty, they have 4 different burgers of unique flavors achieved through the use of different spices – the house special touch.

La Santa Burg. The chef Alain Guiard has conceived this burger joint open originally in the Sants district that now you’ll also find in a more centric location in Eixample just a couple of convenient blocks away from both Casa Mila and Casa Batllo by Gaudi. The definite star of their menu is cow meat, but not any cow: we are talking about a slowly curated Dry Aged Friesian cow, cooked in its own juice, used in 4 different burgers. They also have two gourmet Duroc pork burgers, two lighter chicken burgers and one veggie option, plus a few more non-burger options. Good place for families: they have a kids menu (sorry: hot dog rather than burger here) for less than 10€!Favorite burger restaurants in Barcelona

Chivuo. The guys that run the two Chivuo’s in town, one venue in Gràcia and another one in El Raval, are proud of their goat-like beards (“chivas”), as well as their 5 craft beers and 5 sandwich creations, from which stand out their burgers made with veal meat, onion jam, crunchy bacon chunks and provolone cheese, served in a lovely bun with rustic fries aside. Two chefs formed in the best restaurants of Barcelona and the USA decided to ditch the elitist clients and serve the real people, offering food treated with respect, food music and a street food feel.

La Burg. Head to the wealthy uptown district of Sarrià to discover this venue specializing in Swiss alpine beef burgers and aiming to become the best burger bar in Barcelona. With their 12 different beef burgers, they have at least one of the most complete menus, that also includes lamb, organic veal and vegetarian burgers. All come served in artisan bread buns, that you can complement with fries (don’t miss their Papas Arrugás, a spicy recipe from the Canary Islands), nachos or one of their lovely gourmet salads. As unusual as it is for a burger joint, you’ll be surprised by their interesting wine list (yes, they also have beers and sodas, too). They take special care of coeliac customers, that will find here one of their very few opportunities to eat gluten free burgers in Barcelona.

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