Christmas approaches, and if you are planning your trip you probably have already book your table for the special days. However, did yo consider that in Barcelona our special meals might be different than at home?

One of the thins I always advice to my guests visiting Barcelona for Christmas is to not leave your meals to improvisation and check out the days when it’s difficult to find a table last-minute, so you can book ahead of time.Restaurants for Christmas in Barcelona

Here are the 5 dates to plan your meals in advance:

Evening of the 24th: it’s the traditional dinner for most Spaniards, and families are celebrating it less and less at home, and more and more in restaurants, so they don’t have to worry about all the cooking preparations. Plus many tourists will also be celebrating that night!

Dec 25th: it’s the traditional family lunch in Catalonia (but I recommend to book also dinner as many places are likely to be closed and it might be hard to find something open unless you know where you are going…)Book your Christmas restaurants ahead of time

Dec 26th: it’s the next traditional family lunch in Catalonia (and same thing for dinner as the day before!)

Evening of the 31st: although many locals eat at home or with friends, MANY foreigners eat in restaurants. Make sure to book your table ASAP!

Lunch of the 1st: Who wants to cook after a long night out? Many people eat out (and again many restaurants might be closed for dinner, so plan ahead).

So my advice is… GET A RESERVATION ASAP FOR THOSE DAYS! Ask at the concierge of your hotel to help you with that.

AND BONUS! The one more date to plan ahead of time:

January 6th. In case you are still here by then, this is a huge kid’s day: the Three Wise Men bring them presents! Families gather together to celebrate, so consider it as difficult as the other family lunch days.


What about you? Do you stay at home or go to some relatives home for the Christmas meals or do you go to a restaurant? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!

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