Wait a minute…Wasn’t this newsletters supposed to be about Barcelona? Why am I writing about Menorca today?

Often my clients have a few spare days after visiting Barcelona and asked me where should they go next. There are so many great areas in Spain!
I just came from a gorgeous week on holidays in Menorca with my husband, and I fell so much in love with the island that I have to share it with you. Yes, you need at least a week if you want to explore it in depth, but if you only have a couple of days you can still get the feel of it, enjoy yourself and… relax!



Menorca is a great family destination, and its beaches are superclean and not crowded even in August. In some of them such as Cala Pilar you can also get natural clay body masks… right out of the nearby hills! But my favorite was Cala Rafalet: after a 10min walk you get to this narrow creek with turquoise waters and fish. Avoid it when the South-East wind blows as it gets dirty.

Prehistorian monuments

“Talaiots” are the names of the watch towers made by prehistorian population in Menorca thousands of years ago. Many of their settlements have been excavated and now they are open for visitors. Don’t miss the unique “Taules”, impressive ritual stones similar to a menhir but with another huge stone on top making a T-shape. Specialists haven’t agreed yet what were they used for. My favorite site was Talatí de Dalt.


Menorca people and tourists alike gather in high points to see the spectacular sunsets in the island. When it’s time, head to Cap de Cavalleria to admire from the lighthouse how the sun sinks into the Mediterranean see.

Dinner by the water

One of our best memories was having dinner in Maó at La Minerva restaurant. Apart from their inland restaurant, they also have a boat-restaurant and a floating dock with tables. We were given the best table in the corner opposite to the entrance. A traditional fishing boat was docked in front of us, we had a lovely view of the harbour, fish that came to eat out breadcrumbles, and the food was delicious!

Chillout night

End the night with a drink at Cova d’en Xoroi, a restaurant, café and chill-out nightclub located inside a cave over a cliff overlooking the sea. If you couldn’t make it for the sunset at the lighthouse or for dinner in Maó, this is also a wonderful alternative.

You can get to Menorca from Barcelona with the overnight ferry or by airplane (50min flight), and you’ll have to rent a car to move around unless you are bringing your own one in the ferry. Avoid the winter, because many things are closed and the island gets very windy and cold.

And what if you can’t make it to Menorca? What’s a similar area closer to Barcelona? In that case, plan a daytrip or stay a few days in the beautiful Costa Brava!

What about you? Ever been to Menorca? What’s your other favorite destination to go after visiting Barcelona? Share your comments below!

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