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5 Paintings You Can’t Miss In Madrid

Many of my guests are also visiting Madrid during their trip to Spain and they ask me to recommend them a good tourguide in Madrid. Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Gemma, from Madrid Cool & Cultural, who’s sharing her passion for Madrid with a very special guest post.

If Barcelona has a nice variety of museums to ensure great Art Tours, but Madrid is the real paradise for museum lovers. If you are one of them, make sure to read this post!


Madrid is a bright and charming city . The kindness of our people is legendary and is also true the idea that the city never sleeps at night and the streets and cafes are more lively at 1am. The cultural, artistic gastronomic and literary life here is amazing.

For me, Madrid is the city that I like to go back and discover day after day. Its light, its warmth causes buildings to shine and be a pleasure to meet and meet again with. I suggest you start the day running the Retiro Park, discovered after the wonderful cafes for breakfast in front of the Puerta de Alcalá and after that, dive into the streets, looking for my favorite artworks:

Must-see paintings in Madrid​


Santa Catalina by Caravaggio​

Museo Thyssen Bornemisza in Paseo del Prado, the world’s most renowned private collections in Madrid is testimony to the importance the Spanish capital places on art.


Las Meninas​

Museo Nacional del Prado For me it is very hard to pick just one picture of this museum that I am fell in love, but certainly if there is a masterpiece that defines the greatness of paint this is Las Meninas and if a painter par excellence in the history of Spain he is Velazquez. Try to be alone with the picture for a while and feel like you slowly part of the everyday scene.


Paseo por la Playa​

Museo Sorolla, house museum straight out of the 19th century. As well as giving us the chance to see an exhibition of his sweet paintings, touring the various rooms of his own house, with their valuable collections of sculptures, furniture and pottery, helps us immerse ourselves in the world of this charming artist.


El Guernica​

Museo Nacional Reina Sofia. Picasso painted El Guernica when he was in love with Dora Mar, and perhaps it was Picasso’s love for this intelligent woman that gave Picasso the insight needed to hate wars and create the most famous anti belica work world.


Goya Frescos​

San Antonio de la Florida. This is a secret place, off the beaten track, where Goya is buried. The painter made the frescos of the cozy church: they are the beginning of what would become his “black paintings” considered the beginning of modernity, psychology transferred to the first paint … by this genius.

AND BONUS! Gemma's favorite​


El Salvador Adolescente​

Museo Lázaro Galdiano, in Calle Serrano, a 19 century palace, which originally served as the family's residence in Madrid and was later turned into an exhibition space for his collections. This painting is officially attributed to a student of Leonardo Davinci, but there are serious theories that point to the fact that it'd really be a work of the Renaissance master.

What’s your favorite museum or painting ever?​

Always passionate about Art and History, after living for a year in Boston, USA, she decided to turn her hobby into her profession and founded Madrid Cool & Cultural in September 2010, focused exclusively on organizing tours for small groups of artistically and culturally motivated travelers. Her tours are very creative: her experience as a traveler and lover of art, culture, and gastronomy has being extremely useful in designing a unique product, molded to the tastes of each client and the time spent in town.



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