5 Pro Tips To Chose The Best Apartment Rental In Barcelona

Today I am happy to introduce you to our first guest blogger in BCN-5.
Harriet Freeman is going to share with us 5 pro tips to chose the best rental apartment when you come to Barcelona. A must read! As more and more travelers are now choosing apartments instead of hotels for their stay:


Rather than staying in Hotels, apartments are becoming an evermore popular form of accommodation in Barcelona. There are many reasons for this, like the homely feeling it brings, the ability to save money by preparing your own food in fully equipped kitchens, the number of beds, and more. But where do you begin? With a hotel you have a star rating that will give you more or less a good idea of what you can expect, but with apartments you need to use your own judgement a bit more.

5 tips for selecting the best Barcelona accommodation to meet your expectations.​


How many people does it sleep?​

The best thing about apartments is that you can all travel as a group and stay under one roof. Remember though, when an agency says that the apartment has room for say, up to 18 people it means that there are 18 spots to sleep. E.G. 2 double beds, 2 double sofa beds, 5 single beds and 1 foldout single bed. If you’re a group of 18 and none of you are dating, then at least you can have fun assigning who gets to share the double beds.


What type of extras does it bring?​

Do they promise fresh bed linen on your arrival? Do they offer a cleaning service for when you go out adventuring and is there a cost for this? Is there wi-fi? It’s very common that wifi is provided for free in apartment rentals in Barcelona. 

If you’re visiting in the summer, it’s a good idea to check if the house has air conditioning installed. In the winter, you may want central heating. All this information is usually provided but if it isn’t, make sure that you check.


Is it well located?​

One advantage you have over hotels by staying in an apartment is that there are many locations to choose from. Some have brilliant restaurants only a few meters away or are right by the best attractions. One of the best things that you can do is use google maps to find the amenities that interest you. 

Many apartment agencies (including the one linked to earlier in the article) provide accommodation maps on their websites so you can see the locations of all their apartments in respect to the attractions in the area.


Is it spacious?​

Apparently size matters in Barcelona. This is one that you should definitely be paying attention to, in fact you’ll find some of the highest quality apartments are the biggest. Unlike Costa Brava Villas which average out at roughly 140 sq m (1500 sq ft), Barcelona is a city that’s full of apartments that are about 70 sq m (750 sq ft) in size – or around 3 – 4 hotel rooms. 

You might be shocked to know that they can be as little as 20 sq m[215 sq ft] or a hotel room. If you want a big apartment in Barcelona, they do exist and are just as well-priced as small flats, you just need to look for this small detail that makes a big difference.



Because apartments are owned by real people, they all may have various rules for staying in their homes. Usually you can arrive from 3pm and if you arrive after 9pm there is a charge as it is an inconvenience to the owner. 

The same rule applies to checking out, for instance if you wish to leave before 8am rather than 10am. Some may say that there needs to be at least one adult of over 25. You will find that some apartment owners may allow pets. These are all things that you can check.



Don't be shy​

If you have any doubts, just ask! Don’t worry, there’s no question too silly or embarrassing, the reason apartment agencies exist is to be a professional and unbiased bridge between the apartment owners and customers.

Do you have any tips or questions about finding the best apartment in Barcelona?​

Harriet Freeman. Having been an expat in Barcelona for over 5 years and eventually entering the tourism industry; I made it my priority to become somewhat of a guru on all things Barcelona. As a frequent blogger on the city; I aim to keep all of my readers in the know about the Catalan Capital.

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