One issue difficult to figure out when planning your sightseeing is how to move around. Is it going to take long? How good and safe the public transportation will be?

This week tips will help you deciding what’s the best way to move around Barcelona for you.It really depends a lot on your style and budget, but here are some ideas to take into account:


Barcelona is a very walkable city, and if you are staying in the Old Town or near Passeig de Gràcia and you are fine moving around on foot, you aren’t likely to use any other means of transportation most of the time except to get to waterfront, Montjuïc, Sagrada Familia or Park Güell.

Bus and Subway

A savvy option, most free city maps given away in hotels have subway maps printed in a corner, and you can get bus maps in Information Points of the main Subway Stations. Unless you are planning to do more than 10 rides a day, the 1-Day or 3-Day passes aren’t such a good deal. Most of them time you’ll prefer a 10-trip card (Zone 1) that you can share with your travel mates, and even allows you to transfer from bus to subway or subway to bus within 1h15min. And it also works for the rodalies train going to the Prat airport! 


Not as expensive as in some other European cities, yet the locals would prefer them to be much cheaper… Stop them anywhere in the street if they have a green light on, which means it’s available, or find a taxi stop. A 10 minute ride shouldn’t be more than 5-10 euro, a longer ride across the city is around 15 euro, and a ride to the Prat airport is around 25-30 euro plus the fee per suitcase. I often use them in my private tours of Barcelona

Tourist Bus

While they can be a great way to get a light city overview, I wouldn’t consider using them for your main sightseeing plans unless you have planned carefully your schedule. There are often long lines in the main stops, and they only run in one direction and that means that when you get tired and you are ready to go home… you are right across the city and have to wait another hour or so before you approach the center again… Plus a considerable part of the itinerary takes you through neighborhoods that are only mildly interesting if you don’t have much time to explore Barcelona.

Renting cars

Unless you are planning to go out of town, I don’t recommend you rent a car… Or you’ll be paying to park everywhere and get stuck in rush hour traffic jams… Waste of time.

Here are my 5 cents! I hope they were helpful!

What about you? What’s your favorite way to do your sightseeing when you are visiting a city?

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