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Barcelona zoo, one of the Things to do with kids about animals in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Activities About Animals For Kids In Barcelona


Children love animals and everything related to it, and despite being a big city, in Barcelona there is a variety of activities about animals. Wouldn’t be fantastic to take them to one of those attractions? Hannah is a 6 year-old that toured with me this week and we quickly became best friends ; )  

She told me everything about her dog Luna, and her school trip to a farm, and how much she’d love to see animals in her European trip. What she didn’t know is that her parents and I had been discussing some animal activities to to take her after our tours were over. Would you like to know what I suggested them?

Here are our favorite activities about animals for children in Barcelona:​



No fewer than 11.000 specimens from more than 450 species, this Oceanarium houses moray,  gilt-heads,  eels, rays, ocean sunfish, and the king of the seas: sharks! Inside its 80m (262ft)  transparent tunnel you’ll feel like walking under the water while discovering the Mediterranean from inside.

There are also 7 tropical aquariums where coral and tropical fish and crustaceans live together to show us their colorful world. Moreover, the Aquarium has an interactive children area called Explora! with more than 50 different activities in which your kids will be able to touch, listen, see and investigate! Get discounted tickets here and skip lines.



In the Barcelona Zoo, inside the Ciutadella Park, live 4000 animals from all over the world. It’s the best place in the city to see them and learn about them: how they live, eat, where they come from… The best activity for kids is probably the dolphin show. There are also shops and a picnic area. A good place to spend a whole day surrounded by animals.


Museu Blau​

In the Natural Science museum of Barcelona you won’t see live animals, however you’ll be able to learn from them through an astonishing collection of stuffed animals (and I don’t mean teddy bears). They’ll also learn about the formation of the earth, microbes, fossils and plants. A full day learning about nature!



The Barcelona Science Museum has an entire section dedicated to wild life: the Bosc Inundat, an exact replica of the Amazonian Forest. And indeed, when I took my 7-year old nephew there once, as soon as the entered it he said “Wow, we are in the forest!!”.

Over 100 species (both plants and animals) live there – for real! Giant trees, caimans hidden in the shallow waters, tropical birds, slithering anacondas, busy leaf-cutter ants…


Ridding a pony​

Your child loves horses? Hop on the FGC trains that in just 30 minutes will take you from Plaça Catalunya to the quaint town of Sant Cugat del Valles (any line departing from there starting with an S standing for suburban – S1, S2…). Once there, it’s an easy 20 minutes stroll to Hipica Can Caldes, where every weekend they organize pony rides for children over 3 years old.

Plan a whole day in Sant Cugat: pack some sandwiches and take a quick hike to the nearby centennial Pine Tree Pi d’en Xandri for a picnic, then head back to the center of the village to visit their medieval monastery and enjoy some gelato from La Jijoneca on Carrer Major.

AND BONUS! Interested in activities for kids with endangered animals?​


Fundació Mona​

Only 1-hour drive from Barcelona, in Riudellots de la Selva, the  Fundació Mona (Monkey Foundation) is a a recovery center for primates. They rescue primates from illegal owners or abuses, and take care of them improving their quality of life. Their guided tours of the premises help people to understand the importance of their work, but you’ll also learn about primates, their habits, how their life is in Fundació Mona and how it would be in freedom.

I hope you liked this suggestions! And if you still need more ideas on what else to do with your kids, make sure to check out our other post on Barcelona activities for kids.

Do you know of any other activities for kids about animals in Barcelona we didn’t mention?​


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