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Are You Aware Of How To Stay Safe On A Plane?

Today we are having a guest post by travel blogger Sindhu. Since many of the Barcelona visitors arrive to Barcelona by air, when she offered to write this post I thought her tips would be valuable. Enjoy it and be safe!


Travel by air has become the most common form of transportation in recent times, even in cases of domestic travel. People do not have the time to drive or use other forms of public transportation as they are constantly in a rush and trying to save as much time as possible. 

Whether it is a business trip or a family vacation, air travel has grown to be one the most preferred form of transportation. Apart from convenience and the ability to save time, air travel is also considered as the safest mode of travel due to the simple reason that deaths due to air crashes or even terrorist attacks are much fewer in comparison to car or motor vehicle accidents.

There are also few simple things that each and every one of us could do to make air travel even safer. Here are a few pointers that will enable you to be better prepared for air travel and ensure that you have a safe journey wherever you are traveling.

Here are the 5 tips you always need to keep in mind:​


Choosing the Appropriate Aircraft and Routes​

Choosing a larger aircraft ensures more safety as they are subject to stricter guidelines and regulations. Moreover, in the unlikely case of an accident, the chances of survival are much better while traveling by a larger aircraft.

Another crucial point is choosing non-stop routings as accidents are more likely to occur during take-off or landing. Thus, it is always safer to choose non-stop flights and thus, ultimately reduce the exposure to the accident prone stages of the flight.


Be Mindful of What the Attendants Have to Say​

Many of us fail to pay attention to the pre-flight briefings about the safety guidelines in the aircraft. This is a horrible mistake on our part. It is essential to be alert and be mindful of what the flight attendants are telling. 

Safety guidelines such as seat-belt restrictions, the locations of the exit doors etc.. It is important to co-operate with them at all times to ensure that we have a safe travel.


Ensure Your Luggage is Properly Stowed​

The overhead compartments in the aircraft are meant to hold only cabin baggage. If you or another passenger is carrying a bulkier baggage, it is better to avoid storing them in the overhead bins. 

This is simple due to the fact that they are equipped to hold them and in case of turbulences which are quite common in air travel, there is a very high possibility that it might end up falling on your or your fellow passengers head. Thus, it is important to follow all the baggage guidelines and ensure that it is stored securely.


Traveling with Children​

Whether it is a short or a long flight, traveling with children is definitely a difficult job. It is important to always keep an eye on them and ensure that they are secure in their seats. Children also have a high tendency to fall sick during air travel. Make sure that you carry all their basic medicines and keep them easily accessible in case you need them during travel. 

Children also need to walk and stretch, especially during long flights. It is better to always be watchful of their moves and secure them in their seats in the first instance of turbulence. This way, you can easily avoid them getting hurt.


Miscellaneous Pointers​

Apart from the above key tips, there are few other simple guidelines such as ensuring that you do not carry any hazardous or combustible substances in your baggage, remembering to not drink too much as it will lead to dehydration and wearing ear plugs to avoid ear pressure during take-off or landing.

All these simple tips ensure not only of your personal safety during air travel, but even those of your co-passengers traveling with you!

What other safety rules you always follow when you are flying?​

Sindhu is a blogger who writes on travel tips and destination guides. She, at present, blogs for Emperortraveline, a reliable and authorized  travel agency that provides holiday packages, domestic and international cheap flight tickets booking, train tickets booking, Passport and Visa services.



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