Asian and Indian restaurants in Barcelona

The rise of food culture in Barcelona has led to open all kinds of restaurants and food venues. And not just for local food: if you are into Asian cuisine, you also can find hundreds of proposals for all tastes and budgets. Today we are sharing with you our favorite Asian restaurants in town.

Here are our favorite Asian restaurants in Barcelona:

Thai Restaurant: Indochine by Lea Leap

Not only the food is delicious but its decoration makes it so special: This thai restaurant replicates an small Asian jungle with orchids, gold fish, palm trees and tables surrounded by a water pond that will make you feel like you are in Thailand instead of Barcelona. They have three tasting menus, . 

Asian Restaurants BarcelonaIndian Restaurant: Veg World India

Located in the Gracia quarter, this mostly vegan restaurant offers fresh, healthy and traditional Indian food such as tandoori bread, masala dosa and samber. Don’t miss their homemade desserts: icecream, sweet meat and juices. Both the daily menu and the “à la carte” choices offer a good price/quality relationship. Make sure to book in advance if you go for dinner or during the weekend.

Japanese Restaurant: Koy Shunka

In 2013 they got their first Michelin star, and since then it has become more and more famous. There are two tasting menus: KOY and (G)ASTRO that will take your directly to the heart of Tokyo, where the cheff Hideki Matsuhisa was trained. Get a seat at the bar to enjoy seeing the cooks preparing the dishes in front of you. The quality of the service, the products and the presentation of the dishes are excellent. 

Chinese Restaurant: Chen Ji.

Near the Arch of Triumph you’ll find what is said to be the most authentic Chinese restaurant in town. A simple venue that avoids artificial Chinese-looking decoration but serves traditional handmade dishes such as guo tie or noodles. Adventurous eaters shouldn’t miss the sea wasp and the duck tongue. Good quality at a good price.

Korean Restaurant: Seoul

This restaurant represents the ancient tradition of authentic Korean cuisine. Fresh quality products cooked by Mrs. Kim, the owner of the place. Don’t miss her steamed ravioli, meat stews, and the vegetable options.

AND BONUS! A Michelin-Star restaurant in town that offers really creative Asian-Spanish tapas dishes:

6Thai restaurant BarcelonaDos Palillos

Our choice for Asian restaurants in the Raval district is undoubtedly, a highly recommended stop. Its cuisine is based on the Far East: Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam… It’s a mix of Asian food and Spanish tapas concept: little informal dishes to share. Albert Raurich is the chef in charge of this Asian tapas bar, and he worked for 11 years with Ferran Adrià at El Bulli restaurant. Experience the tasting menus and surprise your palate. Booking in advance is a must.

So what about you? Head to the comments below and tells us: Are you an Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai restaurant type of person and why?



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