Don’t leave home without downloading a few apps for Barcelona that will make your trip easier: Technology has changed so much our lives, and of course also the way we travel. Smartphones are now a great tool with infinite functions in one single device.

If you are coming to Barcelona and want to “customize” your Iphone, Ipad or Ipod to be well equipped for your trip? today we are sharing the Barcelona apps that we love. Check them out!Our favorite Barcelona apps

Here are 5 top apps for Barcelona  you absolutely need to download:

Tripadvisor Barcelona City Guide

FREE. If you have internet access during your trip, you’ll even be able to find the closest restaurants and sites near you, and read other people’s reviews.

Metro Barcelona, by PhoneSoftware

FREE. Barcelona is a very walkeable city, but often the subway can save you some time, specially if you are moving from one district to another. Dominate the lines and connections with this easy to use guide to the city subway.

iTranslate, by Outer Space Apps

FREE. Are you fluent in Spanish? Would you like to connect with the locals and surprise you with some Catalan language skills? This online multilingual dictionary, including Catalan, will be your most helpful tool.


Most useful apps for Barcelona

FREE. Did you know there are a lot of dragons hidden in the local buildings? Exploring the city chasing them can be a great way to do your sightseeing from a different point of view and also keep your kids entertained. This Barcelona app will help you planning your strolls and finding the city hidden dragons.

Museu Picasso

FREE. There aren’t really famous masterpieces in the Picasso Museum of Barcelona, and the information in the rooms is pretty poor. But there is a story behind every painting that unveils a prt of Picasso’s life that you probably would have never imagined. If you are not planning to visit it with a tourguide, make sure to complement to your visit with this app to take the most out of the museum.

AND BONUS! Our favorite Barcelona app for foodies:

6    Original Barcelona app to explore the city: DrakcelonaExtreme Foodies. FREE. A cool international food app written by food bloggers from all over the world, sharing their top recommendations of best local dishes and where to try them out. No tourist traps and a great selection that goes from fancy dinners to cheap streetfood eateries.


What about you? Do you use your cellphone apps when you travel? If you have discovered any other cool Barcelona app, share it on the comments for everyone to know!

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