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Barcelona Spanish restaurants: Asador de Aranda

Today we want to take you on a tour of the city’s most authentic Spanish restaurants. Barcelona has a huge restaurant offer, but very often when you ask for a traditional restaurant you’ll often be sent to a Catalan traditional restaurant. There is nothing wrong with that, but you might also want to try what’s being cooked in the rest of the country.

Be warned, though, Spain is a country made of regions with their own strong personality and landscapes, and that has resulted in a very varied cuisine that changes a lot from one area to the other. But worry not: we are here to guide you around all this culinary diversity.

These are our favorite Barcelona Spanish Restaurants:

Asador de Aranda

Very often, when people thinks about eating an authentic Spanish menu, they are really thinking about Castilian cooking. The region of Castile, in the center of Spain surrounding Madrid, is famous for their meat dishes, specially their roasted lamb. You can try it in Barcelona in this chain of Spanish restaurants: it’s in our list of top Barcelona Spanish restaurants for meat. Their most central venue is on Pau Claris very close to Urquinaona square, but the longish taxi ride to their venue in Avinguda Tibidabo is totally worth it: the venue is gorgeous!

 Cuarto y Mitad

Spanish restaurants in Barcelona: fried fish

Some of the most authentic restaurants in Spain are tapas bars. However, Even tapas can change a lot from region to region. In Andalusia, the South of Spain, they are all about deep fried fish. Head to the tapas district of Poblesec to find this busy Andalusian-style bar. Their charcoal broiled meats are also amazing. Just please don’t eat outside, stay inside the venue: the neighbors complain a lot about the noise.

De Tapa Madre

Continuing with tapas, in Madrid they go for earthier dishes such as their (not for every palate) callos – pork tripe, and morcilla – blood pudding. But don’t worry if you are not that adventurous: they also have other more likeable tapas too. Trust me: it’s said to be the former King of Spain Juan Carlos’ favorite from all the Barcelona Spanish restaurants for tapas.

Celta Pulperia

Authentic Spanish restaurants in Barcelona: Celta Pulpería

Walking distance from the Picasso Museum you’ll find this other tapas bar specializing in food from Galicia, Northern Spain touching Portugal. Being a traditional fishing area, fish and seafood is also a favorite here, but they prefer it boiled or steamed. It’s the place to try their famous octopuss (not chewy but tender instead), their peppers from Padrón that “sometimes are hot and sometimes are not”, and the empanada gallega (a tuna cake), and pair it to a nice Ribera del Duero or Albariño white wine.


The list of Spanish restaurants in Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without a good Basque restaurant, as the Basque Country is one of the most appreaciate Spanish cuisines worldwide. Aside from the popular pintxos (tapas served on a slice of bread) that you can find in many Basque tapas bars, you need to try the real Basque recipes at this restaurant. Fish is the king here, specially cod and hake.

AND BONUS! Where can you try the real Valencian Paella:

Authentic Spanish restaurants: Arrosseria XàtivaArrosseria Xàtiva

Did you know paella is original from the region of Valencia? And that purists consider that seafood paella is just a touristy version of the real thing? According to them, the real paella includes rabbit and beans. If you are curious about it, you’ll find it in the district of Gracia, where this restaurant has been open for over 10 years. And if rabbit isn’t really your thing, don’t worry: they offer upto 27 more specialties of paella and rice. This is one of the top Barcelona restaurants for paella!

So what about you? Head to the comments below and tells us: do you know any other Barcelona Spanish restaurants you’d like to recommend us?




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