Safety at the beach: flags

Is there anything better after a long day sightseeing in Barcelona than enjoying the last sun rays of the day and refreshing your body in the Mediterranean sea?

Barcelona has 4km of beach (about 2.5 miles) that are there for you to enjoy. However, neglecting safety at the beach common sense rules can lead to disaster. Keep reading to learn how to stay safe.

These are our golden rules for beach safety:

Check the flags

For your physical safety, never enter the water if there is a red flag. Orange flag means relatively powerful waves and recommends to avoid bathing. Green flag announces safe swimming. Blue flags are awarded to the cleanest and better equipped beaches in Europe.

Do not leave your stuff unattended

Barcelona beach safety tips

If you will be carrying a bag avoid going alone to the beach or at least do not enter the water leaving your belongings unattended. Locals never do: we take turns to swim so there is always someone from our group staying with our things to watch them out.

Ask somebody to keep an eye on your stuff

It is also socially accepted to ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your things. In this case the etiquette says that you shouldn’t stay in the water for more than five to ten minutes, and you mustn’t blame them if something is stolen anyway. Also, that’s something you can do if you are alone at the beach: if you are with other people, then take turns to get in the water rather than disturbing a neighbor.

Cover your belongings

Beach safety in Barcelona

Another good tip is covering your bags with a towel or shawl. Sometimes thieves will grab whatever they can get and run away: if you cover your bags they don’t see what’s underneath and it’s more difficult to get hold of them.

Don’t trust dressed people

It might sound funny, but specially at night, when it is so pleasant to have a night swim and enjoy the breeze and the moonlight, it is easy to identify pickpockets because they move in groups and don’t wear swimsuits but regular street clothes. If you feel watched, just move to a place where there is more people.

AND BONUS! One more important idea to stay safe at the beach:

6   Don’t freak out

Thieves can smell your fear. So just do like locals do: relax and just incorporate these little beach safety rules and city safety tips to your beach routine and enjoy yourself.
Happy sunbathing!

What about you? Share your best beach safety ideas with us at the comments!

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