Christmas ornaments from Barcelona (Spain)

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Sagrada Familia Christmas ornament

Beautiful Barcelona Christmas ornaments


This has been another hard year. The Covid pandemic is lasting much longer than anyone expected. And while the restrictions seem to start loosening, traveling isn’t easy yet. Most people still prefer to stick to domestic trips rather than going overseas.

Are you one of those who had dreamed of coming to Barcelona before all this mess started, and don’t know yet if you’ll be able to make your dream come true next year? Let me bring some Barcelona vibes to your home this Christmas, in attend of what future brings us.

Some people like to buy Christmas ornaments during their trips, so they can remember those places they visited. But let’s do it the other way around! Get some Barcelona Christmas ornaments to decorate your house or your tree, and send the universe the message that a trip to Barcelona is the gift you really want.

But I know you must be already super busy right now buying holiday presents, so I decided to make things easier for you. I’ve done my research and I selected the ones I liked the most. And the best part is that you can order them at the same time that you do other Christmas shopping on Amazon!

This are our favorite Barcelona Christmas ornaments


Generic Christmas ornaments from Barcelona

The first one I found is a hand painted glass ornament. Traditionally happed like a ball, it seems like the artists paint it from the inside using special brushes and it takes them 2 days to finish one!

The ornament depicts the Sagrada Familia, the Arch of Triumph and the Museum of National Art (Palau Nacional building). But they state each ornament is unique, so I’m not sure if that means also that the designs on the ball also change…

The second I found is another glass ornament that combines Spanish and Barcelona icons. It contains images of Gaudi’s Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Sagrada Familia, the Park Guell mosaic… And it also includes two Spanish icons: a flamenco dancer and a bull. 

I must say that flamenco is not a native dance from Barcelona, and that bullfights have been banned from our area since 2010. But if attending this shows in your next trip to Spain is one of your goals, this is the all-in-one ornament you need!

The last generic Barcelona Christmas ornament I want to suggest you is made of ceramic, and it’s not  a ball or 3D ornament, but a circular plate, with a print of some of Barcelona landmarks: the W hotel, Sagrada Familia, the AGBAR Tower, the Cathedral, the Arch of Triumph and the Olympic Village Towers.

I love its vibrant colors and modern feel. I see it perfect for contemporary Christmas decor.


Our Sagrada Familia Christmas ornament selection

The Sagrada Familia Church by Antoni Gaudi is not just the most famous site in Barcelona, but also the most visited in the entire Spain. So of course there’s dozens of Christmas ornaments inspired in it!

You can go from classic pictures of the outside or the inside to hand painted creations, from traditional balls to quirky 3D ornaments and classy stars. Your’s to choose!


Park Guell ornaments

Park Guell is another project of the Architect Antoni Gaudi, that makes a great theme for a tree ornament because of its colors. It looks like a place out of a fairy tale. Actually, it is said that Gaudi got inspired by the gingerbread houses of Hansel & Graetel.

The Park is famous for the mosaic tiles that cover most of its features. So it’s not strange that so many Christmas ornaments use the mosaic as a theme. They are classy, colorful and happy.


Casa Batllo Christmas ornaments

Another Gaudi site that stands out for its colors is Casa Batllo. Possibily inspired in the legend of Saint Georges and the dragon, other believe it’s Monet’s water lilies, or the Carnival of Venice. And it looks outstanding as a Christmas decoration.


Casa Mila Christmas ornaments

The other Gaudi building that rivals with Casa Batllo is Casa Mila, also called “La Pedrera”, in Catalan “the quarry”, because for the people of the early 1900’s it looked like a block of stone. It outside is imposing, but the chimneys in the rooftop look out of this world.


Palau de la Musica Christmas ornaments

But not everything in Barcelona is Gaudi. If he hadn’t been the genius he was, nowadays we would be admiring peers of him that now stay more in the shadows. One of them was Domenech i Muntaner, a professor of Gaudi in college and a pioner of Modernism in Barcelona.

His masterpiece is the most beautiful concert hall you’ve ever seen: full of spectacular stained glass, colorful mosaic and sculptures that evoke classic and traditional music.


FC Barcelona Christmas ornaments

And who said people comes to Barcelona only to see architecture? Sports are another big draw, since here is based one of the best soccer teams in the world: the FC Barcelona. Are you a soccer fan? Then you need one of these:


Barcelona Old Quarters ornaments

History is another of the strenghts of Barcelona as an international destional. The Romans founded it more than 2000 years ago, and in the middle ages it became an important medieval capital city. Churches such as the Cathedral and Santa Maria del Mar talk about that past. And they make a great religious Christmas ornament, too!


La Rambla Christmas ornaments

The Old Town of Barcelona is crossed by one of the most famous streets of the city: La Rambla. A dried-up water stream become a lively boulevard. In the middle of it stands a fascinating market: la Boqueria. And the bottom of the boulevard is marked by the sculpture of Christopher Columbus.


Christmas ornaments with beach views

And now that it’s cold outside, why not dream of the Summer with views of the Barcelona beaches? Barcelona is located by the Mediterranean sea and features several quilometers of urban beach.


1888 World Fair Christmas ornaments

The 1888 World Fair marked the beginning of Modernism in Barcelona. The city had been freed of its medieval walls in 1854, and now it was time to get rid of the military citadel that oppressed the city. In its place was planted a large garden that housed the pavilions of the World Fair. 

And to access it was built an avenue lined up with palm trees, that started with an Arch of Triumph welcoming the visitors.


1929 Fair Christmas ornaments

Another World Fair marks the end of Modernism in Barcelona: the one of 1929. This one took place in the Hill of Montjuic, and its main entrance was Plaça Espanya: a turnabout with a monumental fountain and two towers replicating the belltower of San Marco in Venice.

The Palau Nacional was built on top of the hill overlooking the pavilions, and a water fountain that danced to the music changing colors completed the scene.


Christmas ornaments with other Barcelona locations

I also found other less iconic locations, but I wanted to include them in this post because they area also Barcelona. They communicate the variety of sites our city has to offer. They are:

  • Palau Guell, by Antoni Gaudi – one of his early works and a hidden jewel.
  • Plaça Catalunya, the center of the city.
  • AGBAR Tower, a contemporary architecture landmark.
  • Sanctuary of the Holy Heart of the Tibidabo Mountain – the highest point of the city.


Personalized Barcelona Christmas ornaments

Did you know there’s the possibility of having a Christmas ornament personalized with a name, date or sentence? Is there a better way to tell the world you want to come to Barcelona soon? Or to wish something to someone special that dreams of travelling to Barcelona one day?

What Barcelona Christmas ornament is your favorite?


Author Marta Laurent Veciana


Marta is the founder of ForeverBarcelona. She is a passionate tour guide that loves Barcelona and loves writing too. She is the main author of our Blog, and is committed to sharing her knowledge about Barcelona and her best tips with our readers.

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