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Barcelona Fishing Ideas


Most people won’t think of Barcelona as a fishing area. But the thing is that being located by the Mediterranean sea, there are many fishing related activities that will allow you to enjoy your favorite hobby and do something away from the tourist crowds.

From fishing trips, to shops or just joining the local line fishermen, in today’s post you’ll discover where to fish in Barcelona. We’ve collected for you the best ideas for the vacations of a fishing aficionado in town.

These are our favorite activities for fishing in Barcelona:


See the fishermen at the Barcelona harbor

There you’ll see the local pensioners that line fish mostly gilt-head breams, younger kids that go underwater spearfish, as well as some families – many of them latino immigrants with also an interest in shore fishing. Remember that you won’t be allowed to fish there unless you possess a valid local fishing permit and belong to a local fishing society.

Barcelona features 3 marinas (Port Vell, Olímpic Village and Port Forum), plus the industrial harbor and the cruise piers. While it is not allowed to fish in these port areas, line fishermen hang out in the rompeolas or escullera, the jetty that protects the Moll Adossat cruise pier.

Get there by crossing over the Porta d’Europa bridge (we recommend to take a taxi, as the walk there from the Columbus Statue to the breakwater takes about 30 minutes under the sun – there is no shade at all).


Visit the Barcelona Fishermen Association

The Cofradia de Pescadors, with headquarters in the fishing neighborhood of La Barceloneta, is the main fishermen association of Barcelona. And while they are usually a professional institution not open to the public, one a week every Wednesday they offer guided tours where you get to learn about the history of local fishing and the local fishing techniques, get access to the restricted area of the port to see the arrival of the fishing boats and maybe even get to chat with the fishermen and learn about their way of life. The visit ends with a sailors meal at a local seafood restaurant. You can make your reservation here.


Be a deep sea fisherman for a day

If you are more of an action person, then rather than learning about the fishermen lives you’d want to experience it by yourself. And you can do that! Sail out of the port at the sunrise, watching the city as it slowly awakes, and head to the areas by the Barcelona coast where deep sea fishermen fish. 

You’ll learn about the local fish species and fishing techniques before seeing how the fishermen lay down their nets, to later on pull them out and sort their catches. Next the fishermen will cook for you the freshly caught fish, and you’ll enjoy together an authentic sailors meal, before reaching the port where your day will end being a testimonial of the fish auction in the fishmongers. You can book such a unique experience here.


Go sport fishing

If you prefer a more hands-on experience, this company organizes yacht fishing trips from Barcelona for small groups. You’ll participate in bottom-fishing and coastal trolling, in a safe area where mackerel and breams thrive, out of boundaries for professional fishermen – making it ideal for sport fishing instead. Other fishing techniques such as jigging and spin-wing might also be offered depending on the season and weather conditions. The activity takes 4 hours, and includes all the required materials as well as 2 drinks.


Fish and eat your catch

This other company organizes private fishing outings on motorboat with an experienced skipper and fishermen that will take you to the best fishing spots near Barcelona and teach you the techniques so you can go back to port with your catches, that then will be cooked for you and served for lunch at an authentic tapas bar from La Barceloneta district.

AND BONUS! If you are interested in bigger stuff than just mackerels and breams… what about huge bluefin tuna?


Tuna Tour

A really unique experience is well worth a car drive. Rent a car and head South to L’Ametlla de Mar and sail into the Mediterranean sea on a two-deck catamaran, while enjoying gorgeous views over the gulf and learning about bluefin tuna and how it arrived to this area. After a less than 30 minute sail you’ll arrive to one of the 4 aquaculture pools owned by this fishing company, where they keep and feed around 400 bluefin tuna fish, weighing some 250kg (551 pounds) each. 

The pool is equipped with an access platform and 2 lines of floats that will allow you to get into the pool and swim with the tuna fish for a whole hour, feed them and watch them in their natural habitat. They also organize bluefin tuna diving charters and private tours, and the activity can be combined with a tuna fish tasting.

Do you love fishing? Are you planning to go fishing in Barcelona during your vacation?


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