The gluten free Barcelona options have grown a lot these last years, however, it’s not that easy to find the right places unless you can speak the local language.

I had to go gluten free last July for health reasons, and it hasn’t been too hard for me to adapt, however I’ve seen clients of mine struggling mostly because they couldn’t access the information available in Spanish. Asian and Mexican restaurants are convenient choice. But there are actually more options than you’d think! That’s why I decided to share my discoveries with you.

However, if you are suffering from a strong coeliac disease and cross contamination might get you seriously sick, you MUST make it clear even in the venues I’m recommending below: as you definitely know, gluten traces can be anywhere.

Barcelona Gluten Free: Obbio

These are our favorite Barcelona gluten free places to eat and shop:


Gluten free treats

Cakes, muffins, brownies… and gluten free? Yes! Obbio is an organic supermarket with a cafeteria at the end where they sell the most beautiful gluten free bakeries in Barcelona. And it’s just 15min walk from La Pedrera. 

I love ordering a coffee and a piece of cake and enjoying it seating on one of their tables by the window. BTW, even the little cookie that comes with the coffee is gluten free! There is also the patisserie Bacci d’Angelo in the Clot district, but that’s way more off the beaten path.


Gluten Free sandwiches

Conesa is a popular sausage and burger bar in a corner of Plaça Sant Jaume in the Gothic Quarter: their delicious sandwiches can all be done with gluten free bread in a dedicated grill. The fast food chain Viena, with a venue at the top of La Rambla next to the Poliorama theater also offers gluten free options. 

Finally, for healthy high quality fast food and a glass of great affordable wine, check out Fast Vinic. And after a walk around Montjuic Hill, Bread and Circus has also gluten free bread options (but it’s an American style café).


Vegetarian Gluten Free

Vegetarian restaurants are still one of the best options for gluten free restaurants in Barcelona. From the mostly raw food Blue Project Café, to the flexiterian Flax & Kale, most of them indicate what options are gluten free in their menu. Click here to discover more vegetarian gluten free restaurants in town.

Gluten Free Barcelona: vegetarian restaurants


Gluten free restaurants

If you are near La Rambla, try En Ville (Raval district): they even have gluten-free options in their daily specials. And for tapas and Spanish food, make a reservation at Bar Cañete, also very close to Las Ramblas: they’ve always been very accommodating with my gluten-free guests. 

If you are in the Eixample district, 3 subway stops from Plaça Catalunya on the Red Line to Urgell will take you to Copasetic (comfort food and brunch). And for a nice dinner, head to Nectari: gorgeous Catalan food presented with a contemporary touch.


Gluten Free Pizza

After trying some supermarket gluten free pizza at home, I thought I was never going to be able to enjoy a good pizza anymore… But I was wrong! After a bit of research I discovered TWO gluten free pizzerias in Barcelona! 

A mere 10min walk from the Sagrada Familia you’ll find Il Picolo Focone, with over 8 year experience handling gluten free food (they even organize workshops for locals). And a 20min subway ride from la Pedrera (blue line to Badal) will take you to the more fancier Da Paolo.

AND BONUS! Where to buy gluten free food:


Gluten free Barcelona shops

This Barcelona gluten free restaurant guide wouldn’t be complete without giving you options for where to buy your own food or some snacks. And for that, health stores are your friend. The good news is that there are lots of them in any neighborhood. You’ll also find a nice selection in the Veritas organic supermarkets, the discount stores Dia and Mercadona, and the Corte Ingles department store supermarket. Forn Boix in c/Hospital bakes the best gluten free bread in town. And a 20min subway ride will take you to Celiadictos, not far from the Camp Nou Stadium.

Gluten Free Stores in Barcelona

Are you planning a gluten-free trip to Barcelona?


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