Mixing with locals is difficult when you are in town for just a few days, but what if you could join them at some fun local event, enjoy people-watching and eating some wonderful street food?

The local law doesn’t allow food trucks to be permanently stationed in one point (only exception being churro trucks), so locals have joined the street food fever by organizing street food markets, as food trucks are allowed to attend them as they are occasional events. Today we have listed for you the best street food markets and festivals so you can check on them and see if any will be going on during your trip. Enjoy!

These are our favorite Barcelona street food markets and festivals:

Palo Alto was the name some local artists gave to the industrial naves in Poblenou area that they transformed into their workshops. The area was restored and the industrial area is now surrounded by a cozy garden that hosts one of the first street food markets to be celebrated in town.

The first weekend of every month, for a small fee you get access to the enclosure where you can buy burgers, tacos, cakes and lots of other street food creations, as well as clothing and complements by local designers. There is also live music and activities for kids. Make sure to get your tickets online ahead of time to avoid the superlong lines.

The organizers of this other popular street food event say it’s a “gastronomad” festival because it doesn’t have a permanent venue where it’s celebrated, nor they do it regularly. The location and date changes every time, so you will have to check their website to know when is the next one going on. Their thing are vintage food trucks and great food.

Another classic, in 2016 they stop being “nomads” and move to an old factor in the Sant Andreu district, Nau Botik. They are very selective with the chefs they accept in their event, who can have their own restaurant or not, bring a food truck, a stand or just a table: it’s not about the looks, it’s about the food, that must be amazing. 

That’s why each chef can bring a maximum of 2 recipes to each edition, preferably something that hasn’t been offered before. They are vegetarian-friendly, and they have live DJ’s performing to make the atmosphere even more lively. Free entrance – arrive early to avoid lines.

For a touch of sophistication, head to this event held a gorgeous modernist house in the classy Pedralbes district. A mix of beautiful people, trendy shopping, food and drinks. The perfect place to watch and be seen. A festival for fashionists more than foodies, though.

All Those is a community of passionate cooks, chefs, food artisans and food makers in general. Their last editions have been celebrated in a very special setting: the cloister gardens of the University of Barcelona, that they filled with stalls where you can buy craft street food and drinks.

AND BONUS! A great music festival where you can eat from the best food trucks:

This music festival has been celebrated a couple of times in 2015 and its success promises new editions this year. It gathers the best disco bands and DJ’s, that are combined with an exciting variety of food trucks.

Did you know street food is so popular in Barcelona?


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