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Afternoon tea Barcelona: Caj Chai

Are you a tea lover? Discover where to enjoy it in Barcelona! Tea wasn’t too popular in our area just a few years ago. However, these last years it’s become trendy and lately tea shops and cafés serving good tea have been opening around! Now it’s possible to find good tea in Barcelona if you know where to go! Today we’ll share with you where to enjoy it as it deserves.

This is our favorite Barcelona tea shop list:

Caj Chai

It was the first tea shop in Barcelona to offer imported tea from all around the world. Located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, it’s inspired by the bohemian tea rooms of Prague. Aside from buying and drinking tea, you can also get high-quality craft accessorizes, as well as participate in workshops and tea tastings. They have 140 different teas in their menu! Go for an afternoon tea and allow them to recommend the best teas, and don’t forget to taste their traditional Japanese, Arabic, Indian… cakes!

Homemade bubble tea in BarcelonaSalterio

Not far, still in the Jewish Quarter, there is another tea house with a totally different atmosphere: the Arabic feel of the 1001 nights. A cozy little place that serves a great variety of teas prepared by Fatima with extra care. And your non-tea friends will be able to order Turkish coffee (quite rare in Barcelona). The dim light and the background music are ideal to enjoy a quiet afternoon tea with sweet dates or Arabic pastries.


A Barcelona tea shop where to talk about tea and all the ways to prepare it. They have two venues: a tea house and a tea shop, both on Zaragoza st.: one venue where to taste and drink tea and the other to buy it. Don’t miss their tea ceremonies: a meditation practice, where the movements are integrated to the nature following simple shapes in a peaceful and respectful atmosphere.

Need a Barcelona tea shop? Head to El BornIce Tea

Ice tea is not common in Barcelona: in most places your only option will be canned Nestea. However, we know some places where you can get some great ice tea in the Old Town. Our favorite is Caelum: a charming shop selling sweets and food products made by monks and nuns in monasteries. In the summer, they have always at least a couple of delicious homemade ice tea options. Or if you prefer to be outdoors, a 5min walk will take you to the outdoor cafe of Museu Marès, where they have a wonderful ice tea as well. For ice tea to go, on Carders st you’ll find Refresca-Tea, offering refreshing fruit ice tea.

Tea shops in El Born

If you are looking for a less formal (and quite fun) place with a myriad of original flavored teas, not far from the Picasso Museum you’ll find Tea Shop of the East West Company, a Spanish franchise worth checking out, selling all kinds of tea leaves and accessories. We love it because they always have free samples to taste. For a more “serious” shop, in Argenteria street the owners of the famous Cafés el Magnífico have opened another great Barcelona tea shop: Sans & Sans (this Barcelona tea shop is included in our Food Tour)

AND BONUS! Where to get bubble tea in Barcelona:

Need some bubble tea in Barcelona?Bubbolitas

In the heart of El Raval you’ll find this interesting and original tea shop. Served hot or cold, bubble tea is perfect for any time of the year, and although their specialty are the tapioca pearls, you can also order tea with fruits. All their drinks are creative and inspired by the Asiatic cold drink originates from Taiwan. Tea of all colors and tastes, and the best bubble tea in Barcelona.

So what about you? Head to the comments below and tells us: what’s your favorite Barcelona tea shop?


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