It’s so easy to plan your daytime sightseeing, but when it comes to the evening, it’s hard to get ideas beyond dinning out and going to a flamenco show (where, that’s not entirely true, we gave you some great ideas about the nightlife in Barcelona here and here in previous posts). But what you might not be aware of  is that some cool major sites are open to the public at night too. Some of them just in the Summertime, some other the whole year around.

Barcelona night sightseeing: Casa Batlló


And that can be so helpful when planning your time in Barcelona, specially when you don’t think you’ll have time enough to see all the sites in your list, but then you realize you can do one of the time at night!

So follow me today discovering Barcelona evening activities and what attractions are open at night in the Summer.

These are our favorite Barcelona tourist attractions at night:


Casa Batlló Magic Nights

Every year, June through September, Casa Batlló opens its doors at night. The visit starts at 8PM, and for an hour you’ll be allowed to explore the building with the added help of a fun augmented reality smartguide device. That part of the visit is quite similar to what you’d be doing during daytime. 

When you reach the rooftop, though, you’ll be welcomed by live music and offered two drinks while you enjoy the views over the city and watch the sunset. The band changes every day, so make sure to check all the days available during your stay to choose the type of music you prefer!

Available the whole year around (at different times depending on the sunset), this activity starts with some projections in the courtyards and continues with a guided tour through the building spiced up with some video and light effects. 

That tour is actually shorter than what you’d be doing during daytime, so it’s perfect if you just want to get the hang of the site, but not great if you really want to explore it in depth (which is why in the Summer I’d recommend to rather do Casa Batlló at night). 

The highlight of the visit is when you get to the rooftop, where there’s a spectacular audiovisual show with music, light and images projected over Gaudi’s chimneys. To top the experience you’ll be offered a glass of cava. Get your tickets here.

Not many people are aware that this building by Gaudi’s competitor Puig i Cadafalch has been open to the public since 2016. Every Friday night July through September you can visit the rooftop of the building and enjoy a jazz concert and a glass of cava and two pintxos. The rest of the building is only open during daytime, but with your night tickets you get a discount for daytime tickets, so you can visit the main floor before heading to the concert. Get your tickets here.
Top Barcelona attractions at night: Casa de les Punxes

This church is one of our favorite churches in the Old Town, and our guides never miss it when taking our guests to the Born district. Now you have the opportunity to see it from a very different perspective: a small-group visit in the evening, where you’ll experience the mysterious feel of its elegant and tall columns in the dusk, when the building is almost deserted. 

Besides learning about its history and architecture, you’ll also be taken to its rooftop, from where you’ll enjoy a 360º view over Barcelona at night. You can get your tickets here. And if you love literature, make sure to read the Cathedral of the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones before visiting the church – that’ll make the evening even more magical and fun! BTW, this book is available on Itunes and Amazon.

This other Puig i Cadafalch building located in the Block of Disagreement right next to Casa Batlló opens in the Summer every Thursday from July to mid September for a dramatized tour around the building. 

You’ll be guided by two actors representing Mr. Amatller and his daughter Teresa that will show you around their modernist home, and tell you about their interesting lives and their family business: a chocolate factory. The visit ends with a glass of cava under the gorgeous stained-glass skylight of the entrance hall. Tickets can be bought here.

AND BONUS! Here is where you can watch a movie outdoors in a unique setting:


Sala Montjuic - Movies in a castle!

The moat of the Montjuic Castle is now a garden that on Friday nights (end of June to early August) becomes the Sala Montjuic, programming pop and rock concerts at 8.45PM, a short film at 10PM and a movie in original version at 10.15PM. When the movie isn’t in English, English subtitles are offered. Check the program and buy your tickets here (they sell out!)

Sightseeing at night in Barcelona: movies at Castell de Montjuic

Are you planning to do any sightseeing at night in Barcelona?


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Detail of Casa Batllo rooftop

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