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Barcelona Toys: The Best Toy Shops


Are you traveling with kids and want to treat them? Or maybe you want to find the perfect present for your niece, nephew or grandchild that stayed at home? Well, you can find children souvenirs in most souvenir stores and sites but they are often low quality and the choices are limited. Would you rather find something more authentic and unique (even if it’s not Gaudi themed)?

Yes, we can help! Many of the guides in our team are moms and dads, or at least proud aunties, so we definitely know great toy stores where to find your special gift. Forget about the industrial and boring toys that you can buy in Corte Inglés but also in any other shopping mall in the world. 

In Barcelona we have lovely toy shops where you’ll find the most original toys and games to make your child happy: costumes, dolls, wood toys for babies, science and technology games, toys that stimulate their creativity… Let us show us where we buy toys for our own kids!

These are our favorite toy shops in Barcelona:​



A fun Spanish toy chain founded in Zaragoza, that has already gone international (but not reached the USA so far). They sell educational but fun toys that promote values such as learning, happiness, movement and creativity. They pay a lot of attention to their toys design, so every element of the toy has its function, and they have to pass strict quality and security tests.

Kids love the fact that there are two different doors to the shop, side by side: one is adult-sized and the other is small and kids-only! You’ll find an Imaginarium store at the top of Passeig de Gràcia, very close to Gaudi’s Casa Batllo – very convenient for quick fun break during your sightseeing!


Palacio del Juguete

Founded in 1936 right before the Spanish Civil War started, the original shop was located in Arcs street and I remember stopping by with my parents on our way to the Santa Llúcia Christmas market every year. 

In 2015 they weren’t able to renovate the rental contract but unlike other old toy stores in Barcelona they managed to find another venue nearby and you can continue buying their beautiful toys now in Capellans street – very close to the Cathedral, it’s a very easy and short detour when you are exploring the Gothic Quarter

They specialize in vintage toys: lead soldiers, wood toys and metal wind-up toys, but you’ll also find popular brands from Spain and the rest of the world. Entering their shop is like going back decades in time.


Les Golfes

Love dolls? Then you can’t miss this gorgeous Barcelona toy store where they sell unique dolls for both children and adults: artisan crafts sometimes handmade, not only in old-fashioned presentations but also with modern and realistic designs (YES! They have Reborns!). They have collection dolls, but also dolls for girls that will play with them with love and care. And they can even make a doll that is your portrait! (you’ll have to contact them in advance, as it obviously takes some time to make). 

They also repair broken dolls and sell materials so you can do it yourself, and they organize all kind of workshops about dolls, their styles and how to preserve them. It’s located a couple of blocks away from Gaudi’s Casa Batllo, so it’s another easy store to check out during your sightseeing, or a fun stop during your shopping time (since the area is one of the best for clothes and shoes shopping, too).


Kreative Kids

In a quaint plaza in the uptown that in June and July is carpeted with yellow and purple flowers fallen from the tipuana and jacaranda trees, and easily reachable by FFCC train from Plaça Catalunya (Tres Torres and Sarrià stations), you’ll find this modern shop who’s aim is to stimulate creativity in children.

All their toys and games have been designed to get kids to use their imagination and to want to explore the world through science, art, technology, fine motor skills (like building games) and challenges, outdoor and indoor. You’ll find here presents for all ages: from babies to teens.


Les Faules

A gorgeous little toy shop walking distance from Passeig de Gràcia, inspired in the stores from Northern Europe. They carefully select creative, educational, fun and specially beautiful toys, that are often produced by family-owned or socially-committed companies. 

They’ll be glad to help you selecting your toy to match your kid’s age and interests, and be reassured that your little one will be delighted with it, and you’ll feel happy to have contributed with your purchase to make the world a little bit better. Plus the high quality of their products ensures their resistance: they don’t break easily and your kid will be able to continue playing with his or her new favorite for a longtime.

AND BONUS! Would you like to know what is our very favorite (and off the beaten path Barcelona toy store?


Bateau Lune

Located in a lively square of the Gracia district, under the shade of the plain trees, you’ll find this classic of the Barcelona toy stores. Fabian and Ana have created a magic world full of wooden toys and other gorgeous items from all over the world.

They prefer educational and traditional toys to industrial plastic ones, and make sure they are fun and toxin-free (they even have organic toys, for their most sustainable clients). Outdoor and indoor ideas, games for babies, toddlers and older children, backpacks and decoration items for kids bedrooms are just a few ideas of what you can find there. The walk from Passeig de Gracia is some 20min, but you can take the L3 subway line (Green) and stop in Fontana, then take Carrer Astúries and you’ll be there in no time.  

Do you know of any other Barcelona toy store that should make our list?


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