If you’ve been following me for a while, you might now that I’m one of the food bloggers that collaborate in the Chowzter project for listing some of the best local bites in the world.

This year I have again been invited to participate in the Fast Feast Awards, that have taken place this weekend in London. It’s been two cool days of eating, participating in food events and tours, and meeting other food bloggers. And on Sunday evening, during a memorable dinner at L’Anima Café, we attended the awards cerimony to the best food finds of the year. There were 7 main categories, 4 regional categories, plus 4 special top awards. You can check the winners here.

So I thought that today I wanted to write a slightly different post: I’m giving you Barcelona alternatives to this years’ Chowzter winners in the main categories!

Barcelona’s best fast feasts 2014:


NOODLES: Stir Fry Noodles @Red Ant

In this little venue hidden north of the trendy Born, but actually really off the beaten path, you’ll find great organic wheat noodles at an affordable price. Although most people go for the chicken or the vegetarian options, we recommend to try their pork one: delicious! 

Nicely spiced sauce, and fresh veggies that add up to the dish. They also have ramen, vietnamite rolls and pork buns. Make sure to order one of their local artisan beers to go with your meal. World’s Winner: Bangkok – Pad Thai @ Pad Thai Thip Samai



TASTIEST BIRD: Pollastre a la Cervesa @ Fàbrica Moritz

Like chicken? Like beer? Then you must head to Fàbrica Moritz and order their infamous Pollastre a la Cervesa. Moritz is actually a popular local beer brand, and this tapas bar is located in what once was their brewery. You’ll remeber this dish not just for how tasty it is but also for the excentric way of presenting it! World’s Winner: Hong Kong – Roast Goose @ Yat Lok


VEGETARIAN: Artichoke Chips @ Cerveseria Catalana

I spend half the year waiting for the cold weather to arrive: artichokes are only in season in Autumn and Winter in Barcelona, and I can’t get enough of this deep-fried artichokes thinly sliced as chips. Crispy and so tasty.

Deep fried, but not greassy. In other places they make them in tempura, or cut in quarters and then deep fried… but it’s not at all the same! These ones, even fussy kids who usually won’t eat artichoke will love them! World’s Winner: Paris – Falafel @ L’As du Falaffel



PIZZA: Mi Preferida @ Fabián

A former boxing champion changed career to become a pizza champion that now rubs shoulders with the top Spanish chefs that head to his Barcelona restaurant whenever they want not just pizza, but the best pizza. 

Actually, this is the cook’s favorite: walnut sauce, smoked bacon, caramelized onion, parmiggiano reggiano, mozzarella di buffala and fresh greens. World’s Winner: Brooklyn – Pizza Slice @ Di Fara Pizza


PASTRY: Xabina @ Bubó

Did you know there is an International Prize for the Best Chocolate Cake in the World? I’d love to be part of that jury! But until they call me to judge, I can still rejoice tasting the one cake that got that price in 2005. 

The first bite is smooth and mousey, and the second one surprises you with a sweet crunchiness. World’s Winner: London – Fried Jam Croissant @ Albion



RICE: Smoked Rice @ Kaiku

I can’t have enough of this vegetable rice cooked in a pan. The rice has been smoked before being cooked, what gives an intriguing parfum to the plate. 

They serve it with rugula salad on top, which might sound kind of weird, but when you mix it up, the rugula adds the perfect bitter touch that rounds up the dish taste on your palate. World’s Winner: Singapore – Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Tian Tian


SANDWICH: Goat Cheese Sandwich @ Sagàs

Farmers and cooks, that’s how they define themselves in this venue off El Born where they are proud of their local produce. 

This sandwich is probably one of the best examples of their philosophy: tasty but not too pungent local goat cheese, the best Aragon olives, fresh watercress and juicy tomato lovingly arranged between two slices of countryside oil bread. World’s Winner: Seattle – Caribbean Roast Sandwich @ Paseo


AND BONUS! The Seafood winners are a surprise!


SEAFOOD: White Beans with Calamari @ Pinotxo

THIS DISH WAS A WORLD FINALIST FOR THE BEST SEAFOOD FAST FEAST! No one will deny that the freshest seafood in Barcelona is bought at the Boqueria Market. So it’s not a surprise that the best seafood platters in town are served in their bars. 

I was doubting if I should recommend either the shrimp from El Quim, the razor clams from El Kiosko or the white beans with baby calamari from Pinotxo, but I’ve chosen this one for its authenticity and uniqueness. A truly Catalan dish, that reunites both the earthy flavors of the countryside and the sailor touch of the Mediterranean. World’s Winner: Vancouver – Alaskan King Crab 5 Ways @ Dynasty

Pinotxo beans

By the way, I was honored to collect the Special Award to the best Steakhouse in the World on behalf of Asador Etxebarri in Bilbao, as the blogger representing Spain in the Chowzter Awards 2014.

What are your favorite Fast Feasts?


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