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Bread in a Bakery Barcelona Spain

Where Is The Best Bakery In Barcelona?


When you are traveling, finding good bread is not easy if you don’t know where to go. You eventually end up buying it at some supermarket, or maybe a bakery that doesn’t look so great, tired of looking for the real thing. But in a world where industrial bread is everywhere, there are still some bakers that fight to return traditional bread to its leading role. 

No matter if they come from generations of baker families or they have recently become bakers, they only want one thing: to have you taste and enjoy their handmade healthy Barcelona bread and pastries. Let us show you where to find them!

These are the best Barcelona bakeries:


Forn Boix

The Boix Family has been baking bread in Xuclà Street, a narrow alley that runs parallel to Las Ramblas, since 1920. Their product has evolved to adapt to the new times and today’s people taste, keeping at the same time the essence of the traditional way of making bread.  

A few years ago, they opened a new bakery in Hospital Street with a more modern look and much more room (the original store is still where it used to be, but it’s tiny), where you can see them working and you can taste all their products made with a variety of flours: white and whole weat, but also kamut, spelt, corn… 

Their specialty are organic whole-wheat flour products. And they have also adapted a part of their venue to produce gluten free bread! Our Food Tours often include this Barcelona bakery for its authenticity.



7 years ago, baker Xavier Barriga decided to open his own bakery, where he goes for great daily baked handmade bread with natural yeast dough, and high quality raw material. Nowadays he owns 10 bakeries (6 of them in Barcelona) and he organizes free workshops to teach people about the bread culture and the importance of a good product. 

You’ll find one of their shops at the beginning of Gran de Gràcia street, where Passeig de Gràcia loses its sophistication as it enters the traditional neighborhood of Gràcia just passed the Casa Fuster Hotel.


Forn Baluard Barceloneta

Anna Bellsolà is the third generation of bakers in her family, and all her memories are related to bread since she was a baby girl. That’s why she could not consider a life away from the bread world: Her dream was being a baker and go back to the old methods, specially baking her bread on a wood-fire oven. She first had her beloved oven custom built, and then she still had to make hundreds of attempts before she finally baked her perfect bread, and decided she was ready to open her own bakery in 2007 in the Barceloneta neighborhood.

She has also recently opened another venue… inside a hotel in the city center: the Hotel Praktik Bakery Barcelona! Get up early to buy one of her baguettes coming right out of the oven: with a bit of luck, if it’s early enough in the morning you might be able to see the trucks bringing her wood – an activity rarely seen in a big city nowadays.



Partners Rafael Campos and Ronit Stern shut down for good their textile business and went traveling the world, thinking about what other business they could open. Two years later, they decided that Barcelona was missing a venue where to find good bread and good coffee all together. They went to the National Bakery School in France to learn everything about bread, flours, yeast…

And this is how a new Barcelona bakery was born: Crustó. Nowadays, their bakeries are considered some of the best in town: they own 3 in Barcelona city, one in the nearby stylish town of Sant Cugat and two in Madrid. The decoration of the venues has a French feel, and you can drink their coffee directly imported from Italy seating in one of their cozy design tables. The large range of bread and pastries is outstanding, unfortunately, their waiters are not famous for their hospitality…


Fleca Balmes

When talking about traditional good old-style bread, we couldn’t stop mentioning this Barcelona bakery that is already more than 100 years old. Eduardo Crespo, the grandson of the founder, is now in charge of the business, and his daughter is already working with him and being trained to continue running the business with the same success of the first day. Eduardo started to innovate with bread recipes, that soon were awarded prizes and awards. 

Their most famous Barcelona bread is the “Sant Jordi”, which won the gold medal of the Bakery Guilds. It’s well worth the 10 minutes walk from La Pedrera to get a bite, a sandwich or even some buns and cake for lunch, then retrace your steps 2 blocks to enjoy your picnic in the quiet gardens of the Palau Robert (the store is pretty small and there is no place to seat).

AND BONUS! What is the bakery in Barcelona where chefs such as the Adrià or the Roca brothers buy their bread?



If you believe bread should have a soul, and be made with passion, almost with the sensitivity of an artist, then Triticum is what you are looking for. Baker Xevi Ramon is the 5th generation of a family of bakers, and he started producing gourmet breads for high end restaurants in his hometown of Vilassar de Mar, a lovely seaside village just North of Barcelona.

His success has led him to open a store in Barcelona, as part of the Fàbrica Moritz project that includes also a beer and tapas bar, a micro beer brewery, a wine bistrot, a French fusion cuisine restaurant and a concept store. In this store you can buy bread by the weight, as well as other food items such as olive oil, salt, chocolate and marmalade.

Which one would you say is the best bakery in Barcelona?


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