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Best Bars In Barcelona For A Drink

Summertime is the moment to have fun, and why not? Have an awesome night out. Today our guest author David is going to share with you some fantastic local bars off the beaten path (because the main stream ones are easy to find on your own, isn’t it?)


There is a reason why this city is called Barcelona. The best places to visit for city’s authentic nightlife can be found around every corner, with a multitude of offerings to please dance divas and connoisseurs alike. With some vintage-themed, some with a wide selection and some that are just downright homely, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your summer nights in the City of Counts with a cold one.

Here are five of Barcelona’s signature chill-out joints, with a social scene that you won’t want to miss.

These are the best bars in Barcelona:​



This psychedelic blast of retro chic is situated just off the Carrer d’Ataülf, on the Comtessa de Sobradiel. It boasts a conglomeration of designer lamps, chairs and tables, and it breathes a wonderful 60s aesthetic. 

The guys in charge have done everything they can to give their humble bar the homeliest of feels – with something of a strange addition. Like the plate? It’s for sale. The groovy chair you’re perched on? It can be yours for a reasonable fee. It’s a wonderful mismatched room, and with the super chilled atmosphere, you can feel welcome to indulge in some great conversation, and a few good laughs along the way.



Winner of the Time Out Best Nightclub award in 2011, this ultra-modern bar has a distinct red-white-and-black contemporary design, and a killer soundtrack to boot, ranging from indie classics to some funk and soul from bygone days. 

L’Entresòl (meaning ‘the mezzanine’ in Spanish) are most reputed for their bizarre selection of flavored G&Ts, with over 35 tops quality gin brands at your disposal. The waiters love their jobs too, and are happy to make some suggestions for your beverage selections among you and your friends.


Harlem Jazz Club​

Great value, great music, great atmosphere. What more could you ask for from this iconic jazz bar based on the Comtessa de Sobradiel?

Arriving a little earlier in the evening, you’ll be welcomed into this friendly bar by some top class live jazz music, from some of the best musicians on the Barcelona circuit.



A little bit modern, and a lotta bit arty, this vintage bar established way back in 1886 stocks a fine selection of over 20 different vintages and brands of rum. While you’re sipping away on a fresh oscuro Mojito, you can admire the revolution-era Cuban artwork that’s mounted on the walls.

This bar is a hotspot for local clientele on Friday and Saturday nights, which incidentally also provides the best atmosphere that Raïm has to offer.


Tinta Roja​

Now this one is very impressive indeed. A monument built to appease the gods of the Tango, the Tinta Roja is a large shrine of dance and entertainment, with a concert room at the back featuring an authentic 1940s aesthetic. It’s a kaleidoscope of colours, mish-mashed into one gorgeous picture of true modernist burlesque. If you time it just right, you’re in for a few treats, including a live tango gig, a trapeze artist and a poetry collective. 

And if you miss those, you can still grab a signature Tinta Rojian cocktail and maybe one of their delicious empanadas for a bite, and sit back to watch some contemporary dance on the big screen. It’s a real wonderland.

What are your favorite Barcelona bars and clubs? ​

David Ingram is a socialite and connoisseur of the best bars around, and spends his days working for Area Vibes. He’s also an enthusiast for holidaying on the continent, and loves cooling down after a day in the sun with a cold beverage in one hand and a good book in the other.



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