Best cocktail bars in Barcelona

There are many bars in Barcelona, but some of them are definitely better than others… In this post will give you our best recommendations, so you can choose your favorite cocktail bar by specialty, style and more.

Here are our top favorite Barcelona cocktail bars:

Dry Martini

This classical Barcelona cocktail bar opened in 1978, but it is still at the top of the rankings. It has won several international awards, and it is considered to be one of the 5 best cocktail bars not just in Barcelona but in the whole world. The barman is more than a celebrity here,  he is a legend of the cocktail bars in Barcelona. Needless to say, trying their dry martini is a must here.


The oldest cocktail bar in Barcelona was open in 1927 by Miguel Boadas, and it is still nowadays owned by the same family. almost around the corner from La Rambla, you would never thing that behind that humble door hides such an old-fashioned  cocktail bar that will remind you of La Habana and the Hollywood of the 1920s. The barman will be your best friend when it comes to recommendations.


Founded in 1931, this cocktail bar was founded by the Gotarda family, now on its first generation of owners, with the idea of emulating  the finest British bars, and its classical decor has been preserved to our times. With Pina Colada made with coconut milk imported directly from Puerto Rico, and an award winner mojito recipe, local still came to this cocktail bar to try their  gin&tonic, which is the latest trend in Barcelona.

Barcelona CocktailOhla Boutique Bar

Let change now to a more modern style: let me introduced you to the trendy cocktail bar of the Ohla boutique hotel run by Giuseppe Santamaria, the world award-winning barman that many considered the best in Spain. Creativity is king here, but many go for their martini: the bottle is kept in a special freezer so no ice cubs are needed (therefore, the drink isn’t diluted at all).


Head now to the uptown Santaló area off the beaten path, to find the first cocktail bar that Javier de las Muelas opened in town. Being further from the city center, you won’t be finding there as many tourist as in other central cocktail bars in Barcelona. An added bonus is their outdoors terrace, open when the weather is good. Philip Marlowe would feel at home here.

And for not so fancy drink bars and cocktail bars in Barcelona, check out our blogpost.

So what about you? Tell us what’s your style of cocktail bar in a comment below.


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