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Glass of Spanish rosado wine

Best Barcelona & Spain rosé wine brands


December is a time of family meals and meeting friends. And no meal is complete with a good wine to accompany the food. But why go for a French or Italian wine, when Spanish wines have the same or higher quality and much lower prices?

I’ve already discussed reds, whites and sparkling from Spain. Now it’s time for rosés – “rosados” in Spanish! Less serious than red wines, but more intense than white wines, the rosé from Spain are guaranteed to bring fun and surprises to your table.

For your convenience, I’ve divided this post in three sections: Rosés from La Rioja (the top wine region of Spain), Barcelona rosés (because… I’m from Barcelona and I love our stuff!), and rosés from other less famous wine countries in Spain. Be ready for some really interesting finds!

The wines are listed from least to most expensive within each section, covering all budget ranges. In each entry I indicate the area, grape types and average price. And I include a link so you can order it online (I know how hard it can be to get hold of good Spanish wine outside of the country).

La Rioja Rosé Wine


Cune Rosado

Making wines in Haro (La Rioja) sine 1879, Cune is a well known wine brand in Spain. Their rosé is young and unclarified. It has a nice strawberry color with blue hues that is achieved after 48 hours of bleeding the grapes. 

Unctuous and sensual in the mouth, it tastes of red fruits with a subtle licorice touch. It’s another great find at a surprisingly low price but highly rated by the Parker guide with 88+ points. Serve it as an aperitif, or to accompany fish rice dishes or sushi. Plus it’s certified vegan.

Designation: DO Ca Rioja
Grape types: 100% Tempranillo
Price range: Under $10. Buy it online >>


Lalomba Rosé by Ramón Bilbao

Ramón Bilbao is a well-stablished winery in Haro, La Rioja, making wines since 1924. Lalomba was the first of their terroir wine collection, and it was named after the state where the grapes are grown.

It is a complex wine with levelled fruity notes of berries, stone fruit and citrus, as well as clean herbal and floral touches. It goes well with sushi, tempura or as an aperitif. For a third of its price, you’ll love the pale salmon color of the Ramon Bilbao Rosado, rated 90 by Peñín. Fresh and fruity, serve it as aperitif.

Designation: DO Ca La Rioja
Grape types: Lalomba: Red Grenache, Viura. Ramon Bilbao Rosado: 100% Red Grenache
Price range:
Lalomba: Under $20. Buy it online >>
Ramon Bilbao Rosado: Under $10. Buy it online >>


Flor de Muga Rosado

Another historical Rioja winery, Bodegas Muga has been making wonderful wines since 1932. Our first choice from their cellars is Flor de Muga, made with selected premium must.

A short maceration confers it its elegant pale pink color. Its aromas are intense, reminding of stone fruit, citrus, white flowers and a fine spicy touch. Very versatile, it’s perfect as an aperitif, with fish rice, sushi or roasted turkey. The Parker, Peñín and Suckling guides have consistently awarded it 91 to 94 points these last years.

A decent alternative for half the price is Muga Rosado (rated 92 by Suckling), a blend of red Grenache, Viura and Tempranillo that pairs with cheese, veggies and white meats as well.

Designation: DO Ca La Rioja
Grape types: Flor de Muga: 100% Red Grenache. Muga rosado: Red Grenache, Viura and Tempranillo.
Price range:
Flor de Muga: Around $20. Buy it online >>
Muga Rosado: Under $10. Buy it online >>


Marqués de Murrieta Primer Rosé

Marqués de Murrieta is a classic winery in La Rioja, founded in 1852 by Luciano Murrieta. He studied wine making in Bordeaux (France) and came back to La Rioja to create a French-style chateau in his Ygay state.

The Primer Rosé is a limited-production single-variety wine: only 5000 bottles are made every year. Awarded 90-93 points by prestigious wine guides such as Parker, Peñín and Suckling, it’s subtle and delicate but solid. It’s aromas of raspberries, blood orange, lavender and pink pepper go great with blue and white fish, as well as firsh or meat rices.

Designation: DO Ca La Rioja
Grape types: 100% mazuela.
Price range: Just under $30. Buy it online >>


Viña Tondonia Rosado Gran Reserva

I was hesitant to include this wine in my list, because it often sells out and it's hard to find. But it's the only Spanish rosé in the Gran Reserva category (minimum 4 years aging).

Because of that, it can only be made in years when the grape production has been of exceptional quality. And the result is a very unique rosé, fresh and elegant, with little fruit aromas and more notes of wood. Ideal with cold meats, salads and spicy / Asian foods.

Probably the best Spanish rose wine there is, Parker and Suckling have awarded it 93 to 96 points in their yearly guides.

Designation: DO Ca La Rioja
Grape types: Tempranillo, Viura and Red Grenache.
Price range: Just over $50. Check availability >>

Barcelona Rose Wine (Penedes, Priorat and more)


Mart by Gramona

Gramona is one of my favorite cellars to visit on a cava tour from Barcelona to the Penedes wine country. All their wines are simply spectacular. And I was tempted to recommend you just one of their expensive bottles but...

Instead I decided to show you just how good they are by listing first one of the “basic” rosés: Mart. This biodynamic wine is made out of an ancient local variety they were able to revive.

Unctuous and fruity but not excessively sweet, it brings aromas of peach, strawberry, watermelon and grapefruit skin. A touch of spicy pink pepper and a subtle bitterness round up its taste.

If you are curious about their other rosé wines, don’t miss their Gramona Argent Doré, an aged Pinot Noir sparkling, and their Gramona Gra a Gra Pinot Noir sweet desert wine.

Designation: DO Penedes
Grape types: 100% red xarello.
Price range: Just over $10/bottle. Buy it online >>


Clos Lentiscus Croac Croac

The old Can Ramon "masia" farmhouse presides the state of Clos Lentiscus in the Garraf mountains near Sitges. Their vineyards grow grape varieties local to the area, following biodynamic principles.

Croac Croac is the Spanish onomatopoeia for frog croaks.  The name of the wine is then a statement: this is a natural wine, connected with its surroundings, but also fun and refreshing.

Its notes of tropical fruit and tangerine work great as aperitif or to go with your favorite sushi. The bottle is slightly larger than average: 1 liter instead of 750ml (33.8 ounces vs 25.3).

This winery also produces two rosé “cavas” (Catalan sparkling wines): Clos Lentiscus Rosé N 41 (100% samso grapes) and Clos Lentiscus Syrah Colection CRV Rosé, both aged for 60 months.

Designation: DO Penedes
Grape types: Ull de Llebre and Red Xarello.
Price range: Around $15/bottle. Buy it online >>


Scala Dei Pla dels Angels

A historical cellar in the Priorat region, their first bottles of wine were already presented in the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1878. Their 40 vineyards are located at 400 to 800 meters of altitude (1312 to 2625 ft).

The grapes used to produce Pla dels Angels come from a combination of old and new vines. Upon arrival to the winery, they are refrigerated to preserve the aromas of the red grenache.

The result is a fragrant wine, with red fruit and aniseed notes that have gained it 90 points in both the Peñín and Suckling guides. Perfect for aperitif, light starters or sushi.

Designation: DOQ Priorat 
Grape types: 100% Red Grenache.
Price range: Under $25/bottle. Buy it online >>


Jhana by Castell d'Enclús

Castell d'Enclús is an old medieval fortress up in the Pyrenees mountains. There enologist Raul Bobet produces natural wines without using herbicides or pesticides - just the action of nature.

Jhana is an elegant and delicate Spanish rosé wine with aromas of red fruit and betties. It pairs nicely with sushi, soupy rice dishes, meaty pasta and steak tartare. The Parker guide awarded its first vintage with 93 points.

Designation: DO Costers del Segre
Grape types: Merlot and Petit Verdot.
Price range: Around $25/bottle. Buy it online >>


Partida Pedrer Rosat

Both come from Sara Pérez and Réné Barbier famous families of wine makers in Priorat. Together they took over a small abandoned vineyard to recover it and produce natural wines.

Their state is so steep they need a mule to farm the land. The rest of their procedures also follow organic principles. The grapes of Partida Pedrer Rosat aren’t added any products: their fermentation starts spontaneously from native yeasts. 

The slated soil of Priorat and its 9 month ageing in old barrels confer it a complexity unusual in a rosé, that led the Parker guide to award it 94 points in their 2018 guide.

Designation: DOQ Priorat 
Grape types: 100% Red Grenache.
Price range: Under $40/bottle. Buy it online >>

More rosé wine from Spain


Marañones Tapafugas Rosado

In 2018 a winemaker and a winery owner got together to create Marañones, a winery between the Guadarrama and Gredos mountains near Madrid.

The vines where the grapes come are also influenced by the Alberche river nearby. Considered an experimental wine, they use different varieties every year depending on the harvest. But quality is always their goal: their 2018 vintage received 91 points in the Parker guide.

This is a fresh and light wine that combines fruitiness with floral and mineral notes. Drink it as an aperitif, or with grilled vegetables and cold or roasted meats.

Designation: DO Vinos de Madrid
Grape types: Albillo and Red Grenache.
Price range: Just over $10/bottle. Buy it online >>


Moteur Pistache Rosé

4 kilos is the name of a young winery founded in the island of Mallorca in 2006 by two wine enthusiasts. Their Moteur Pistache Rosé is an organic vegan natural wine inspired Mediterranean forest.

Made in an artisanal way (it’s even pressed by foot!), this very small production has already been awarded 92 point by the Parker Guide. Use it for aperitif or paired with a good risotto or smoked salmon.

Designation: VT Mallorca
Grape types: Syrah, Callet, Premsal Blanc.
Price range: Under $20/bottle. They also have a magnum bottle for around $35. Buy it online >>


Chivite Colleccion 125 Rosado

Bodegas Chivite is a well-known winery from Navarra (North of Spain), with a family history in wine making since 1647. That's 11 generations of wine makers! And nowadays the cellar is run by the 4 brothers.

The grapes for this beautiful wine are harvested by hand. Then the must is aged in oak barrels that confer a delicate toasted note to the liquid without overpowering its red fruit aromas. Pair it with soupy rice dishes and blue fish.

Designation: DO Navarra
Grape types: Grenache & Tempranillo.
Price range: Around $20/bottle. Buy it online >>


Mascache El Mentidero

Bodegas Chivite is a well-known winery from Navarra (North of Spain), with a family history in wine making since 1647. That's 11 generations of wine makers! And nowadays the cellar is run by the 4 brothers of the family.

The Puro Roche winery is located in the island of Lanzarote, in the Canary archipelago. In the mid-1800’s the eruption of the Timanfaya volcanoes covered a third of the island in ashes creating a unique soil, the “rofe”.

The local varieties they grow in the El Mentidero state in Mascache are blended to create a startling clarete wine that translates the landscape of the island. It’s bright pale pink hides a volcanic mineral taste, long and close to white wine.

The grapes are grown mixed-in together, harvested together, pressed together and aged together, as it’s traditional in the area. Part of it is fermented in oak barrels, and the rest in amphorae, then in tank, before they are blended.

If you are interested in other volcanic rose wines from Spain, check out also Vulcano Rosado and Grifo Rosado e Lágrima, by other Lanzarote wineries and about half the price of Mascache El Mentidero.

Designation: DO Lanzarote
Grape types: Listán negro, Listán blanca, malmsey and vijariego blanco.
Price range: Under $35/bottle. Buy it online >>


Le Rosé by Antídoto

If you are planning an expensive luxurious meal this classy Spanish rosé, classed 91-93 by Parker, Peñín and Suckling, won't fail you. Bertrand Sourdais is a French from a family of wine makers from La Loire.

Being part of the fifth generation and wanting to do something different, he’s been producing wine in Spain for several years already.

The subtle pink color of Le Rosé is typical of Spanish “clarete” rosé wines: a mix of a minimum of 25% red varieties but never more than 50%: white varieties must be dominant. “Rosados”, instead, are exclusively made of red varieties.

Le Rosé is an organic Grand Cru, that smells of red fruit and white flowers. Delicate by honest, its freshness and well-balanced acidity linger in the mouth. Great as aperitif, with sushi, foie gras, oysters or caviar.

As a more affordable option, let me recommend you their Roselito, perfect for light starters and grilled turkey. As they say, it is a rosé wine from Spain with a soul of white wine.

Designation: DO Ribera del Duero
Grape types: Le Rosé: Albillo and Tinto Fino. Roselito: 100% Tinto Fino.
Price range:
Le Rosé: Around $60. Buy it online >>
Roselito: Around $10. Buy it online >>

What are your favorite Spanish rose wine brands?


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