Best books on Gaudi

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Best books on Gaudi, the architect

Best Books On Gaudi Architecture


Easter is just over, and that’s about the time people will start dreaming about their next holidays. Starting to plan early means securing better travel deals. And also more time to prepare, so you can take the most out of your stay.

And if there is one thing worth researching in advance before coming to Barcelona, that’s Gaudi’s architecture.

If you don't know yet who Antoni Gaudi was and why you wouldn't be planning a trip to Barcelona if it wasn't for him, you can start by reading our blog posts about him. But you'll soon want to go a bit more in depth. So today we are helping you to choose the right Antoni Gaudi book for you.

These are our favorite books about Antoni Gaudi:


Gaudi biography books

There’s not a lot of Gaudi biographies available in English. And those available are not by local experts, but by foreign writers. Anyway, they can help you getting acquainted with Antoni Gaudi and his life. The book by Charles River Editors is basic but well researched. It makes an easy read for the flight. The one by Gijs van Hensbergen gives a more complete vision of the architect life and the period he lived in.


Books on Gaudi Architecture Works

Instead there’s a multitude of books about Antoni Gaudi architecture. If you are a lot into architecture and appreciate a scholar introduction to the master, you need to check out Antonio Gaudi: Master Architect. 

This book is written by Joan Bassegoda Nonell, one of the most renowned experts on Gaudi. The pictures in the book make it also a nice coffee table book, although some are already a bit dated.

If you prefer something more actionable and entertaining, I’m a fan of the books by the publishing house Triangle. The pictures are beautiful and quite up to date, and they explain interesting stories and show you unusual details of the buildings. Plus their small size allows you to take them on your trip to check them out during your visits.


Gaudi coffee table books

Gaudi’s architecture is so photogenic. It makes for great coffee table books! And if there’s one publishing house with great Gaudi coffee table books, that is Taschen. They’ve been publishing books on Gaudi for decades. 

But because of that, it’s easy to make the mistake of buying a cheap Gaudi Taschen book thinking that it’s a great deal… Just to find out it’s outdated. Maybe it displays pictures of Park Guell and La Pedrera before they were restored (in the 1980’s!), and no current pictures. Maybe it still shows the inside of Sagrada Familia under construction, when the inside was completed in 2010. Always remember that the Gaudi Taschen books with up-to-date pictures will not be cheap.

Alternatively, we’ve found you a cool Gaudi pop-up book that will delight children and grown-ups alike.


Sagrada Familia books

Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece is the outstanding Sagrada Familia Church. A project that wasn’t even his own: he took over when the original architect Francesc de paula i Villar quit. That’s when he transformed the primary idea of a traditional church into a magnificent temple that would take generations to be completed.

There’s many books about it, for all budgets and needs. Readers looking for technical explanations need to check out the book by Josep Faulí, current chief architect at la Sagrada Familia, or the join creation of Mr. Faulí’s predecessor Jordi Bonet with their Australian colleague Mark Burry, and the expert. Mr. Bassegoda.

The one by Francesc Carandell offers the beautiful pictures you’ll expect from any Triangle book, but be warned that the author’s mystical theories are not approved by the experts from the books mentioned above…

I’ve also selected for you a few other Gaudi books, that make great informational books, coffee table books and even… a book for kids by Mr. Fauli illustrated by a famous Catalan illustrator.


Gaudi books for children

Do you want to educate your kids about the sites they’ll be visiting during your Barcelona trip? Inspiring their curiosity is a great way to get them more engaged. 

The Gaudi sites are very kid-friendly, with their colors and fun shapes. And there’s a wealth of Gaudi books for kids out there to fit all ages, styles and budgets. Here are some of our favorite:


Gaudi coloring books

Children and adults alike benefit of the soothing effects of coloring. And if this activity can transport you to Barcelona, even better! Great as a way to generate excitement about your upcoming trip, to entertain your kids during a long flight overseas, or to recall a magic trip once you are back home.

AND FINALLY! Are there any fiction books on Gaudi?


Novels inspired in Gaudi

Novels have the capacity to stir emotions on the reader. If you read a book on Gaudi that made you feel excitement, or curiosity, or wonder, you’ll feel somehow connected to Gaudi and the works that appear in the book. So when you visit them, the walls will evoke the stories that made you dream. And your visit will be more meaningful.

What are your favorite books about Antoni Gaudi?


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