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Chilies in one of the Barcelona Markets | ForeverBarcelona

Best food markets in Barcelona (and other markets you shouldn’t miss)


Who doesn’t like to explore local markets? Visiting a food market is a great way to get in contact with locals, see what kind of produce their meals are made of, what spices do they use, what grows in their farms… And non-food markets are also fun to visit, as you can always find there original gifts to bring back home, or score a piece of clothing or a cool object for yourself. Markets are a treasure trove for discovering affordable food and drinks, as they often house small eateries, all set against a backdrop of vibrant, bustling energy.

And Barcelona is a fantastic destination for market enthusiasts! Its food markets, like the famous La Boqueria, are full with local delicacies, and gourmet treats. And beyond food, Barcelona boasts charming vintage markets, perfect for finding unique fashion pieces and retro treasures, animated street food festivals and a picturesque variety of other outdoor markets. Plus during the holiday season, the Christmas markets transform Barcelona into a festive wonderland, filled with handmade crafts and quirky traditional decorations. Exploring these markets offers a true taste of the city’s rich culture and dynamic spirit. Are you coming with us to explore them?

Top Barcelona food markets


La Boqueria market (Mercat de Sant Josep)

Veggies at one of the most famous markets in Barcelona

The vibrant stalls of the famous Boqueria market in La Rambla has captivated visitors not for just decades but for centuries, being probably the oldest food market in Spain. Its entrance welcomes you with the colorful fruit stalls displaying fresh produce, both local and imported from exotic locations, as well as candy shops full to the brim with sweets, marzipans and chocolates. The central part of the market is occupied by its spotless fish market, with fresh Mediterranean local catches, seafood from the Spanish Atlantic ocean coasts, and crab and lobster still alive.

And as you continue to explore the market you’ll find any kind of foods you can imagine: cheese, Spanish ham and cold cuts, olives and oil, salted cod, spices, eggs, meats… even offal! There’s also delicious tapas bars (pricey, but well worth it if you have the budget), as well as plenty of options for street food to go. Some stall owners have run their shops for a couple of decades, and some have been run by the same family for a few generations. Don’t let others convince you of the market having lost its soul to the tourists: if you have the patience and approach it with respect and a curious eye, you’ll still be able to find there true hidden gems.

LOCATION: 91, La Rambla (Old Town)
CLOSEST SUBWAY STATION: Liceu (L3, green line)
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sat, from 8AM to 8.30PM (but only partially closed on Mondays and after 4PM)
FOUNDED IN: 1200’s (current building from the 1840’s)
YOU’LL FIND HERE: Strictly food.
NUMBER OF STALLS: Over 300. Check out our Guide to the Boqueria Market
NUMBER OF BARS AND CAFES: 11. Find out where to eat in La Boqueria.


Sant Antoni market

Head here for a feel of the real Barcelona. Sant Antoni is a local neighborhood where you can still experience small local commerce and lively bars where people meet for a tapa and a drink. And its food market is a good example of that daily life. The main building was recently renovated and it’s become one of the largest markets in Barcelona. Also, on Sundays around the building you can enjoy a cool second hand market of old magazines, postcards, stamps, videogames and more.

LOCATION: 1, Comte d’Urgell (Eixample)
CLOSEST SUBWAY STATION: Sant Antoni (L2, purple line)
OPENING HOURS: Mon, Wed and Sat from 7.30AM to 3.30PM. Tue, Thu and Fri until 8.30PM.
FOUNDED IN: 1848 (current building from 2005)
YOU’LL FIND HERE: Mostly food (plus one souvenir shop, a lotery stall and a cleaning products store.
NUMBER OF STALLS: 60+ stalls


Santa Caterina Market

Only 5 minutes walk from the Boqueria, this farmers market could be considered the little sister of the famous one. The architects Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue led the refurbishment of not just the actual food market but the whole neighborhood around it, that the city Council threatened to knock down a couple of decades ago. . If you want to run away from the crowds of tourists in the Boqueria (the most famous market in Barcelona), this is definitely going to be your favorite market in Barcelona:

A similar offer and less people (and more locals than tourists!), although being a new building it doesn’t have the same charm as the Ramblas marketplace.

LOCATION: 16, Av. Francesc Cambo (Born district)
CLOSEST SUBWAY STATION: Jaume I (L4, yellow line)
OPENING HOURS: Tue-Fri from 8AM to 8PM (Mon and Sat only until 3PM. Closed from mid-July to early September.
YOU’LL FIND HERE: Food, plus two flower shops and one appliances store.


Mercat de la Concepció

If you are exploring the Gaudi sites and don’t feel like going down to the Old Town, this Barcelona market is a great option. very local crowd, not many tourists and high-quality products. Locals consider it to be one of the best markets in Barcelona. Don’t miss the impressive flower shops by the entrance of Valencia Street: they provide bouquets to some of the most luxurious hotels in town!

LOCATION: 317, Arago st (Eixample)
CLOSEST SUBWAY STATION: Girona (L4, yellow line)
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sat, from 8AM to 8.30PM (but only partially closed on Mondays and after 4PM)
FOUNDED IN: 1200’s (current building from the 1840’s)
YOU’LL FIND HERE: Strictly food.
NUMBER OF STALLS: Over 300. Check out our Guide to the Boqueria Market
NUMBER OF BARS AND CAFES: 11. Find out where to eat in La Boqueria.


Mercat de la Barceloneta

Head to this market for a flavor of the old fisherman district. Mingle with the busy local ladies doing their daily shopping, talking to shop vendors that they have known for years. What a pleasure to see how fresh everything is! A great Barcelona food market for seafood-lovers. The market offers a mix of old and new feel: its iron architecture from 1884 was remodeled and modernized in 2007. The fact that is so close to the Barceloneta beaches is also a plus!

LOCATION: 1, Plaça de la Font (Barceloneta)
CLOSEST SUBWAY STATION: Barceloneta (L4, yellow line)
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Thu, from 7AM to 2PM, Fri until 8PM and Saturdays until 3PM
FOUNDED IN: 1884 (current building from 2007)
YOU’LL FIND HERE: Mostly food, plus a handful of clothing stalls in the outside perimeter.


Mercat del Ninot​​

Another modernist food market, the name "Ninot" means doll, and it refers to a ship figurehead that use to decorate one of the district taberns (now the original one is displayed at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona). Central enough, but not too close to the tourist sites that tourist will hit it by mistake, The market metal structure from 1933 was renovated in 2015. Foodie locals are attracted by its many tapas bars and cafes.

LOCATION: 133, Mallorca st (Eixample)
CLOSEST SUBWAY STATION: Hospital Clinic (L5, blue line)
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri, from 8AM to 9PM, Sat until 6PM. Non-food stalls from 9AM to 8PM and Sat until 2PM.
YOU’LL FIND HERE: Food, cosmetics, fashion, books, mattresses, houseware…
NUMBER OF STALLS: 40+ food stalls and 20+  fashion and houseware stalls in the outside perimeter.


Mercat Galvany

The market of the Sant Gervasi-Galvany neighborhood offers a classier experience. Its uniquely striking structure features a quite impressive stained-glass and mosaic dome and the outside is decorated with stained-glass windows and mosaics.Shopping there can be pricey (because you are paying for the highest quality, mind you), so if your budget is low it might be best to stick to strolling and people-watching from the stool of one of its cafes.

LOCATION: 65, Santalo st (Sant Gervasi)
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sat, from 7AM to 2.30PM, Fri until 8PM (except during school vacations).
YOU’LL FIND HERE: Food, fashion, flowers, jewelry, houseware, cleaning products…
NUMBER OF STALLS: 80+ food stalls and 15  non-food stalls in the outside perimeter


Mercat de la Llibertat

The beloved district of Gracia is home to a market that exemplifies stunning 19th-century brick and iron Modernist architecture. Once a bustling spot for local farmers selling vegetables and poultry, it now offers a diverse array of products, from fresh fish and pulses to an assortment of fruits. For top-notch meats, visit Bordas, and don't miss the nearby Hueveria Vigatana, an egg shop where you can find nearly every type of egg imaginable – even ostrich eggs!

LOCATION: 27, Plaça de la Llibertat (Gracia)
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri, from 8AM to 8.30PM, Sat until 3PM.
YOU’LL FIND HERE: Food, clothes and kitchenware.
NUMBER OF STALLS: 35 food stalls and 5  non-food stalls in the outside perimeter


Mercat de Sarrià

Now let’s really go off the beaten path: take the FFGG train to the up-scale uptown. There you'll find the favorite market of the ladies of the high society, where they buy their gourmet goodies for their fancy dinners. You'll see elegant old ladies chatting with their favorite fishmonger, as well as the occasional maid in her black and white uniform. And make sure not to miss the fabulous Pastisseria Foix, just a couple of blocks away.

LOCATION: 8, Pg Reina Elisenda de Montcada (Sarria)
OPENING HOURS: Mon, Wed, Sat from 7.30AM to 3PM. Tue, Thur and Fri 8AM to 8PM.
YOU’LL FIND HERE: Mostly food, plus some clothes and houseware.
NUMBER OF STALLS: 20+ food stalls and 6  non-food stalls in the outside perimeter


Mercat de Sant Andreu

Ready to go even more off the beaten path? Catch the L1 metro line to explore this traditional neighborhood, with one farmers market in Barcelona that is surrounded by an archway. It feels like entering a secret spot! The building has been recently restored to show off its wrought iron architecture and wooden ceiling. Being really far away from any tourist site and the district being mostly a working and middle class area, the prices are here much more affordable, too.

LOCATION: 41, Plaça del Mercadal (Sant Andreu)
CLOSEST SUBWAY STATION: Sant Andreu (L1, red line)
OPENING HOURS: 8AM to 2PM (Thu also 5PM to 8PM, Fri 8AM to 8PM). Non-food stores open 9AM to 2PM, except Monday (closing at 1PM). Tue, Thu and Fri they reopen 5PM to 8PM.
FOUNDED IN: 1914 (current building from 2022)
YOU’LL FIND HERE: Food and  clothes.
NUMBER OF STALLS: 15 food stalls and 7  non-food stalls in an adjacent building.


Mercat de l'Abaceria (Abaceria Central)

The metal arches from the 1800’s that covered this authentic food market stand now naked in the middle of a construction site where the restoration of the market should be starting soon. In the meantime, the neighbors have to walk a bit further away, to Passeig de Sant Joan where the city council has installed a giant tent to temporarily host the market stalls.

LOCATION: Currently in 168, Pg de Sant Joan (Eixample), but the original building is in 186, Travessera de Gracia (Gracia)
CLOSEST SUBWAY STATION: Joanic (L4, yellow line)
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Thu 8AM to 2.30PM and 5PM to 8.30PM (Fri until 8.30PM and Sat until 3PM.
YOU’LL FIND HERE: Food, clothes, flowers, kitchenware.
NUMBER OF STALLS: 40+ food stalls and 10 non-food stalls in the outside perimeter.

Best outdoor markets of Barcelona

Food markets tend to be indoors. But what if you feel like being outdoors? The options are many, and the variety of markets available is enticing. Here are some examples (learn more about them in our blog post about them):

  • Clothes, books and comics in St. Antoni
  • Art in Plaça del Pi
  • Flowers in La Rambla
  • Antiques in the Gothic Quarter
  • Toys in Sant Andreu

Flea markets in Barcelona

Are you a dedicated thrift hunter? Barcelona has also dozens of options for you! The most famous flea market is definitely Els Encants, but if you aren’t scare of a short train ride out of town, Mercantic in Sant Cugat will delight you. There’s a philatelic market on Plaça Reial, and a small flea market by the port, and “brocanters” antique dealers set up stalls in some local plazas regularly. Plus there’s so many cool hipster markets organized periodically that involve vintage objects but also live music, local clothing designers, street food… Flea Market BCN, Lost & Found, Palo Market and Markets Barcelona are some of them. 

Other cool street food markets

Is that hipster vibe what you like? If a mix of street food, music and cool stalls are your kind of thing, there’s even more options for  you! Van Van Market, Los Tilos, Eat Street… The city council also often organizes festivals to promote the local food markets such as Mercat de Mercats, where famous chefs are invited to cook with local produce and you can purchase tickets to try samples.

Barcelona Christmas Markets

Finally, if you are lucky to be visiting Barcelona during the Christmas season, you must check out the local Christmas Markets! The two most traditional ones are in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona and in front of Sagrada Familia. But there’s also a toy and crafts market in Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, a Christmas fair by the Port Vel… and much more!

Which are your favorite Barcelona markets?


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