So where can you experience a farmers market in Barcelona? There are plenty of opportunities: pretty much every district features its own food market. Last July we had a guest post on some of the best Barcelona markets, today I’m giving you a few more to explore because you get to know a local society when you see how they eat. And visiting a marketplace is a great way to get in contact with locals, see what kind of produce their meals are made of, what spices do they use, what grows in their farms…

These are the best Barcelona food markets:

Head here for a feel of the real Barcelona. Sant Antoni is a local neighborhood where you can still experience small local commerce and lively bars where people meet for a tapa and a drink. And its food market is a good sample of that daily life. 

The main building was recently renovated and it’s become one of the largest markets in Barcelona. Also, on Sundays around the building you can enjoy a cool second hand market of old magazines, postcards, stamps, videogames and more. We list it in our post about outdoor Barcelona markets.

Only 5 minutes walk from the Boqueria, this farmers market could be considered the little sister of the famous one. The architects Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue led the refurbishment of not just the actual food market but the whole neighborhood around it, that the city Council threatened to knock down a couple of decades ago. 

If you want to run away from the crowds of tourists in the Boqueria (the most famous market in Barcelona), this is definitely going to be your favorite market in Barcelona: similar offer and less people (and more locals and tourists!), although being a new building it doesn’t have the same charm as the Ramblas marketplace.

Head to this market for a flavor of the old fisherman district. Mingle with the busy local ladies doing their daily shopping, talking to shop vendors that they have known for years. What a pleasure to see how fresh everything is! A great Barcelona food market for seafood-lovers.

If you are exploring the Gaudi sites and don’t feel like going down to the Old Town, this Barcelona market is a great option. very local crowd, not many tourists and high-quality products. Locals consider it to be one of the best markets in Barcelona. Don’t miss the impressive flower shop by the entrance of Valencia Street.

Now let’s really go off the beaten path: take the FFGG train to the up-skilled uptown the favorite market of the ladies of the high society, where they buy their gourmet goodies for their fancy dinners. And make sure not to miss the fabulous Pastisseria Foix, just a couple of blocks away.

AND BONUS! One last Barcelona market to check out:


Mercat de Sant Andreu

Even more off the beaten path? Catch the L1 metro line to explore this traditional neighborhood, with one farmers market in Barcelona that is surrounded by an archway. It feels like entering a secret spot! The building has been recently restored to show off its wrought iron architecture and wooden ceiling.

What’s your favorite market in the world? One of the Barcelona food markets maybe?


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Detail of Casa Batllo rooftop

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