Riu Onya,r, in the area where the best restaurants in Girona are.

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Riu Onyar, near some top restaurants in Girona, Spain

Best Girona Restaurants by District


Girona (Spain) is a world destination for foodies. The restaurant that has been considered for many years the best in the world, Celler de Can Roca, is located right outside of it. And that has led to an important school of young chefs that are not afraid of experimenting with new techniques while professing their love for the local ingredients, fresh and in season. For the purpose of this post we have listed our favorite restaurants by district. And knowing that most English-speaking readers won’t be familiar with the exact borders of the local neighborhoods, we’ve used two very visual elements to make the divisions: the River Onyar and the railway. 

Restaurants in Girona Old Town



Girona Old Town (Barri Vell), featuring some of the best restaurants in Girona (Spain)

On the Eastern bank of the Onyar River stands the Barri Vell, Girona Old Town where you'll find most Girona restaurants worth mentioning. Between the Western bank of the river and the railway spread the Mercadal and Eixample districts - and still historical but not as old area with lots of charm and fun shopping. Finally, between the railway and the Devesa area spreads a more contemporary district with several hidden gems. We've also left one last section to mention the restaurants in the outstkirts that will take you a longer taxi ride (or a half an hour walk) from the train station - which is probably where your exploration of the foodie treasures of Girona is likely to start.

Divinium is a restaurant serving creative food based in local products that talk about the landscape around Girona. The venue is a serene setting under old brick vaults. They have two tasting menus, one of them only available at lunch time on weekdays, and a very elegant à la carte selection. They don’t have a Michelin star, but the Michelin guide mentions them as one of the best restaurants in Girona, Spain.

TYPE OF FOOD: Fine dining.
ADDRESS: Carrer de l’Albereda, 7
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La Fabrica​

La Fabrica started out as a bar conceived for cyclists but it's soon become a meeting point for locals and tourists that want to share an informal meal in a fun setting. Coffee, cakes and bakeries are their strong point (they also run a coffee shop called Espresso Mafia). But they also serve succulent breakfasts and brunch: bowls, toast, bagels, salads... They don't take reservations: it's a first come-first served basis. So arrive early to secure a table.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Informal and fun.
ADDRESS: Carrer de la Llebre, 3
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This small bistrot is run by three young and enthusiast chefs. Their menu is eclectic: from a few well chosen tapas, to classic Catalan dishes to unique creations, always based on the local products and tradition but incorporing innovative techniques. A great expression of the soul of Girona: loyal to its history and tradition, but proud heir of the path that famous chefs like the Roca brothers opened in the area. They have a lovely wine list that rotates often to adapt to the season dishes they incorporate.

TYPE OF FOOD: Creative Catalan food.
ADDRESS: Carrer dels Mercaders, 3.
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Cafe Le Bistrot

Le Bistrot is located in one of the most scenic spots of the Old Town of Girona: the steps of the Pujada de Sant Domènech, where they have a little outdoor terrace beside their indoors venue. Their specialty are toasts topped with pizza ingredients. They also have a lovely assortment of colorful salads, cheese, ham and cold cuts platters, some gourmet crepes and a selection of local meats.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Informal and fun.
ADDRESS: Pujada de Sant Domènech, 4.
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Located under the porticos in front of the Girona Town Hall, B-12 is named after the one vitamin that any vegetarian or vegan needs to supplement to ensure proper health (proteins are not a problem: it's all about B12). This vegan restaurant is a reference for locals and visiting vegans and vegetarians in Girona. You'll find vegan versions of Spanish tapas, vegetarian burgers, sandwiches, cakes and a large variety of craft beer.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Vegan, vegetarian and organic.
ADDRESS: Plaça del Vi, 11.
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Mimolet invites you to a culinary trip around the local flavors, with small touches of far away tastes. They have two tasting menus: one of them a standard 2-starters, 1 main course and dessert type of menu, and another being a selection of 10 smaller dishes. Their à la carte menu stands out for its fish and seafood options, but meat lovers will also find enough great options to not feel left out (the fully vegetarian options are a bit scarce), though. Their wine list focusses in Catalan wines, with a strong accent in those from the nearby Emporda region, plus a few Spanish and European wine options as well.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Fine dining.
ADDRESS: Carrer del Pou Rodó, 12.
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Nexe (former Nu)

The former Nu has now become Nexe. This restaurant achieves the perfect balance of highlighting the local products such as Figueres onions, Emporda duck and rice, fresh catches, Girona veal... and fusioning them with Asian techniques and condiments. The result is elegant, surprising and very pleasant. A Girona restaurant to definitely keep under your radar.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Asian fusion creative cuisine.
ADDRESS: Carrer d’Abeuradors, 4.
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The owners of one of the best restaurants in the world, the Roca Brothers, felt like coming down from the heavens and mixing up with the normal people. So they picked a normal venue, with normal decoration, normal wines and normal food. And hence Normal was created. It’s lovely of them (except that a €50/person bill is not what the average person would consider “normal”, even if it’s not elite…). In any case it’s a wonderful opportunity if you couldn’t hit a reservation in El Celler de Can Roca or if you can’t afford what eating there costs.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Fine Dining.
ADDRESS: Plaça de l’Oli, 1.
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Restaurants in Girona Mercadal - Eixample


Casa Marieta

This old school Catalan restaurant has been open since 1892 and now run by the 5th generation of the same family. Salvador Dali and his wife Gala used to eat here and were friends with the owners, as you can see in pictures hanging on the walls. You'll find here home made Catalan food the way our grandmothers used to cook: salads, grilled vegetables and meats, cooked fish and seafood... They also have large private rooms for groups.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Traditional Catalan cuisine.
ADDRESS: Plaça de la Independencia, 5-6.
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Pocavergonya Bistrot

Recommended by the Michelin guide even if it doesn’t feature any star (yet), this restaurant offers an accurate selection of modern Catalan cuisine with Asian and Mediterranean touches. They do miniature cuisine (“Platillos”) that tease you to share and order several of them to satiate your curiosity for their creations.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Creative tapas.
ADDRESS: Plaça Poeta Marquina, 1.
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This gastrobar is located along the Onyar river, and it has won several local prices to the best tapas in Girona. They start from traditional recipes, to which they add a modern touch to make them unique. They have a Gastronomic Menu that is only served by booking it in advance and includes all their top creations, and two more tapas tasting menus that will delight you. Our choice when we need to eat in Girona during our Girona tours.

ADDRESS: Passeig José Canalejas, 6.
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It’s hard to imagine that the Michelin guide would mention a restaurant that pays tribute to rock bands such as Ramones and Red Hot Chili Peppers… but the quality of their food is worth it. You’ll find here an interesting mix of tapas with seafood, meats and rice, offal and tasting menu. There’s even rolls, pizza and burger! Definitely, there’s options for everyone here.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Modern eclectic.
ADDRESS: Plaça de Catalunya, 25 B.
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Locals will tell you that paella is a seaside dish. But if you are in Girona and NEED to have rice, we got you covered. L'Alqueria serves the best paellas in town in an elegant and quiet setting. They have some twenty different gourmet paella options, 5 fideua dishes (a noodle paella), and a dozen soupy rices, beside some lovely starters and a short selection of meats and fish. Perfect for a romantic dinner as well as a business meal.

ADDRESS: Plaça Poeta Marquina, 2.
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Restaurants in Girona Devesa



The 1 Michelin Star restaurant in Girona, and famous for their signature grilled duck. The Massana family has run this restaurant with pride and professionalism for over 30 years, working with local ingredients and modern techniques on the seach of the best flavors and most creative presentations. A certainly delicious experience.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Fine Dining.
ADDRESS: Carrer Bonastruc de Porta, 10-12.
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Basque and Mediterranean cooking attracts locals to eat at Txalaka. Some will just grab a few pintxos by the counter, other will prefer to enjoy a more elaborated meal on their terrace or the indoor space. They also have a daily menu and a group menu. Great choice for an informal meal with family or friends, or for just a quick bite any time of the day.

ADDRESS: Carrer Bonastruc de Porta, 4.
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A lovely place to eat with family or friends, this restaurant serves lovely tapas, pasta, salads and meats and Catalan dishes such as snails. A fun place without pretentions and decent prices, where you’ll mostly see locals.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Informal and fun.
ADDRESS: Pujada de Sant Domènech, 4.
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Amaranta is another vegetarian classic in town, open since 2004 and with a less underground vibe than B-12. They use seasonal local produce and instill love into their recipes, so you always feel welcome there. They have an affordable daily menu, a weekend menu, a tasting menu and a complete a la carte menu of creative vegetarian dishes that also include gluten-free options.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Vegan and Vegetarian.
ADDRESS: Carrer del Riu Guell, 31-33.
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Restaurants in Girona suburbs


El Cul Del Mon

When Catalans say something is “al cul del món” (in the a** of the world), it means it’s far away. And really, the location of this restaurant is sort of isolated and off the beaten path, but it’s worth the detour. In this old rural building you’ll be able to taste Catalan snails followed by lamb couscous, Girona veal or lamb with quinoa and dates. Very interesting combinations that you don’t find every often but will definitely please you.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Catalan and Moroccan fusion.
ADDRESS: Disseminat Sant Daniel, 3.
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Can Roca

The famous Roca Brothers, Joan, Josep and Jordi, grew up in the kitchen of their parents' roadside restaurant. They saw their mom prepare earthy dishes for locals and truck drivers, and that planted a seed in their hearts. That family restaurant Can Roca continues to exist, just accross the street from the celebrated and infamous Celler de Can Roca. And you can continue to taste their wonderful home made food.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Catalan traditional food.
ADDRESS: Carretera de Talaia, 42.
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El Celler de Can Roca

And finally, you’ll excuse me if I left the best for the last. El Celler de Can Roca is one of the most iconic restaurants in the entire Spain, with waiting lists to get a table that can be several months long. The restaurant was started in 1986 by the eldest brother Joan, who soon added the middle child Josep as sommelier, and eventually Jordi joined to be in charge of desserts. A golden trio. The restaurant was renovated in 1996 but it wasn’t enough to reach their coveted 3rd Michelin star, which only came in 2009 after they moved to their current location across the street from their parents’ place. A once in a lifetime food experience.

TYPE OF FOOD:  Fine Dining.
ADDRESS: Carrer Can Sunyer, 48.
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What are the best Girona restaurants in your opinion?


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