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Montadito in one of the best Barcelona tapas restaurants

Where Do Locals Go For Tapas In Barcelona?


Unfortunately the pandemic has forced many great tapas bars and restaurants to shut down. Even the Michelin Starred Tickets and Bodega 1900 by the Adrià brothers have permanently closed, along with personal favorites such as Lolita Taperia… So I felt the need to update my list of best tapas bars to reflect the current Barcelona tapas scene. And since I was going to do a redo, I took the opportunity to organize them by areas so it’s easy to plan your meals around your  sightseeing.

Many of my guests ask me where to find some good tapas in Barcelona, and I’m always happy to give them a few recommendations. That’s why today I’m sharing with you where to go for some great local tapas in town.

But what are tapas? Tapas are small plates that you share with your friends and family around a table. It can be just an appetizer before your real meal, or if you order a few of them tapas can be a whole meal by itself. Learn more about the meaning of tapas in this post.

Best Tapas Bars in Barri Gòtic


Bar La Plata

With less than half a dozen tables and only 3 food specialties, this is a tapas bar where you go for a small bite and a drink. Great for a vermouth, or to snack with friends before going to dinner or lunch.

They are famous for their fried sardines, freshly served from the Barcelona fishmongers as soon as the first fishermen arrive. They are so tender that you can eat the whole thing: head, bones and tail. Don’t forget to order their pork sausage pintxo, too. It’s a small chunk served on a slice of bread. They also have a lovely salad tapa (tomato, sweet onion and alberquina olives). And if you feel like trying a very Catalan thing: order a “porró” of wine and ask them how to use it. LOL guaranteed. Order white wine to prevent ruining your shirt.


Sensi Bistro

Now a very different experience. Sensi is one of the best examples of creative tapas in Barcelona. Inspired in French bistrots, you’ll find here Mediterranean fusion as well as traditional tapas made with high quality ingredients. This tapas restaurant is a place seat down and enjoy a meal, not a place to get a bite and leave. Your vegetarian friends will be pleasantly surprised with the many options available for them.


Bodega La Palma

A bit trickier to find, tucked away in the alleys South of the Cathedral, La Palma is a great place for an authentic looking setting. Young chefs took over when the original owners retired, and they kept the old barrels decoration.

They serve beautiful traditional tapas: Spanish omelet, croquettes, patatas bravas…


Vinateria del Call

A mix between Sensi and Bodega La Palma, I love this tapas bar in the heart of the Jewish Section. The name of the restaurant means “Wine Bar of the Jewish Section”, so it’s a fun destination for wine lovers, too. Don’t miss their baked leeks – they’ll surprise you!


La Pineda

Closer to La Rambla, in the street of the Pine Tree (Carrer del Pi), there's a grocery shop and tapas bar called... La Pineda - the Pine Groove. It's a great place for a bite before lunch - your "aperitivo" or "vermut".

Olives, cheese preserved in olive oil, canned seafood, Spanish ham, anchovies… There’s often old folks that spend their morning there, and if there’s no table available they are happy to stand up so you can order: they understand the owners need to make business!

+ Gothic Quarter Bonus!

Here are more tapas bars to check out in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter:

  • Irati, for basque pintxos. 
  • Cala del Vermut, vermouth-style food, laid back and traditional near the Cathedral.
  • Bar Celta. Authentic tapas from the Galicia region.
  • Palosanto. Good vibes, traditional tapas and some international additions.
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Best Tapas Restaurants in El Born



I love Xampanyet - a must stop in our Barcelona Tapas Tours. This Barcelona restaurant has been owned by the same family for 4 generations and they have one of the best Spanish omelets in town.

Order some ham and cheese and pair it with the house sparkling (Xampanyet means “little champagne”). It’s a crowded place, but getting one of their coveted tables is an amazing experience!



In the same line of Sensi, but with a louder atmosphere, it’s also a seat-down tapas restaurant. The chef Daniel rueda and his wife offer classic tapas as well as reinterpretations with yummy twists. They also serve “miniature cuisine”, which are traditional Catalan recipes such as meatballs or noodle fideuà, served in small tapa-styel portions.


Euskal Etxea

The Basque Country is famous for their "pintxos": individual tapas portions that are usually a slice of bread with creative toppings. Although they can be a skewer or a small stuffed pastry, too.

The counters display platters and platters of cold specialties. And no, the food never goes old: it rotates a lot! From time to time you’ll see waiters coming out of the kitchen with more platters filled with warm pintxos: croquettes, sausages… Be quick to grab them: they fly!


Cal Pep

Possibly one of the most famous tapas bars in Barcelona… and also one of the most expensive! But the experience is worth it. They have super fresh fish and seafood, a pork sausage with foie to die for, and an amazing runny Spanish omelet with their secret ingredient: sobrasada spread.

You need to arrive some 20 minutes before it opens and stand in line: there’s only 20 seats along the counter. If you aren’t one of the happy first 20… you are screwed and will have to wait almost an hour to get a seat. TIP: if you are at least 4 people: call in advance to see if they still have one of their only 4 tables available in the back!


Bar del Pla

A personal favorite, and a great option after visiting the Picasso Museum. Young crowd of cooks make traditional tapas and some Asian fusion tapas. My tour guests love it!

Amazing patatas bravas, fun variety of croquettes, and lovely miniature-cuisine tapas of they day that change regularly.

+ El Born Bonus!

Choosing only 5 tapas restaurants in El born was hard. It’s one of the best neighborhoods for tapas! So let me give you some more ideas:

  • Can Cisa (Bar Brutal), tapas and natural wines. 
  • Ten’s, fancy tapas restaurant by the Michelin-Starred chef Jordi Cruz. Great for seafood.
  • Bar Celta. The Galician bar from El Gòtic also run another venue in Princesa street.
  • Bormuth, casual homemade traditional tapas. A new classic of El Born.
  • La Puntual. Nice tapas in such a large restaurant that they always have room left when the nearby Barcelona tapas restaurants are full. 
  • Llamber. Classy tapas from Catalonia and Asturias.

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Best Barceloneta Tapas Bars


La Cova Fumada

Let’s say you want to be adventurous and that you love fish… In that case you’ll have to head to the Barceloneta district and find this super authentic tapas bar hidden behind a door that doesn’t even have a street number!

Make sure to order a “bomba“, the local tapas invented in this precise bar: a mashed potato ball stuffed with minced meat. Yum!

  • Where: Carrer del Baluard, 56
  • Website: I’m afraid they don’t have a website (even if some domain thieve created a small one under their name)… But you can read some reviews about them on Tripadvisor.
  • Get the feel of it before going:



Gourmet tavern serving high quality traditional tapas. To be in the heart of the fishermen district, your vegetarian friends will be surprised to see the lovely options for them. However, fried and grilled seafood are the thing here.


El Vaso de Oro

For over 50 years there's been  uniformed male waiters behind a long counter serving draft beer and one of the best ensaladilla rusa (potato omelet tapa) in Barcelona. Informal and with a very Spanish vibe. No tables: just stools.


Can Paixano (La Xampanyeria)

Fun and totally informal, popular among local and Erasmus international ex-change students, this second-generation owned winery is also a cheap eatery. There’s no tables, no chairs or stools, and the floor is covered in dirty paper napkins and other litter.

But you’d never though eating and drinking on a crowd could be that fun. They are famous for their house (cheap) sparkling – white or rosé. Most people order meat sandwiches here, but they also have “raciones”: tapas platters of cold cuts and grilled meats. Each item under 3€!


Can Maño (Los Maños)

That’s a place where no tourist would get by mistake, as it’s a totally off-the-beaten-path neighborhood. Be prepared to wait outside until you are given a place to seat, as it’s always crowded.

Another favorite of young crowds because it’s cheap but the quality is good and the servings generous. “Maños” are the people from Zaragoza, and that’s where the owners are from. Fresh fish, deep fried or grilled and sprinkled with garlic and parsley, the Spanish way. Don’t miss their sardines and their potatoes.

+ Barceloneta Bonus!

La Barceloneta is the old fishermen quarters. So seafood is big here. Plus the famous tapa called “bomba” was invented here, so that’s become another classic of the district.

  • La Bombeta, another bar famous for their bombas. 
  • Jai-ca, nice variety of classic tapas (seafood, meats and veggies) sin 1955.
  • Bodega l’Electricitat. Authentic bar with marble tables serving traditional tapas.

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Best Tapas In El Raval


Bar Cañete

Just off La Rambla there's this tapas restaurant with uniformed waiters. It's a long counter with stools along it, a large table for groups or to share at the end, and a small back room with just a few small tables.

Everything is great, except the Spanish omelet: I’m sorry, but the potatoes cut in small cubes don’t work for me. I do love their fried eggplant, though.



Although they have a couple of classic tapas in their menu, such as the Ensaladilla Russa, here you’ll find high end fusion tapas (ceviche, tartar…) as well as some interesting new looks at less mainstream Spanish cooking like their eel with saffron aioli. 


El Quim de la Boqueria

The Boqueria Market is a tapas haven. There's so many great tapas bars in there, all surrounded by gorgeous fresh food stalls. And El Quim de la Boqueria is one of my favorite. "Quim" stands for Joachim in Catalan, the name of the owner.

And with him work his two sons and a happy team of male waiters and cooks, all crammed in a tiny kitchen surrounded by a counter. They are famous for their fried eggs with baby calamari, baby fried fish (“llangueta”) or mushrooms. Everything there is amazing: it’s not cheap but it’s well worth the splurge.


Dos Pebrots

Located in the fancy area of El Raval, the name of this Catalan restaurant means Two Bell Peppers. But it can also translate as “the balls on you”. You’ll want to stick to their starters for a tapas meal. But when you read the rest of their menu you’ll want to try everything else.


Bar Pinotxo

Juanito is the owner of the other top tapas bar of La Boqueria Market. He's run it for ages, but he refuses to retire: he loves being there. Plus he has the help of his nephew and small team of waiters and cooks.

Their long counter is always packed. For breakfast, people orders his delicious “xuxos” (picture a croissant filled with cream, deep fried and coated in sugar). But his famous white beans with baby calamari and chick peas with blood sausage can be ordered from the early morning, too.

+ El Raval Bonus!

Before venturing much further into El Raval, make sure you understand the risks it involves. It’s not the safest district in Barcelona, but it’s manageable if you are well traveled.

  • Bar Lobo, informal tapas and confort food restaurant owned by a celebrated local chain. 
  • Quiosco Universal, our favorite place to eat seafood tapas in La Boqueria without exhausting your wallet.
  • Mendizabal. Whole in the wall mostly famous for their sandwiches but also great for a small bite and a drink.
  • Palosanto, the one in Rambla del Raval (not owned by the guys of the one in the Gothic Quarter). 

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Best Eixample Tapas Restaurants


Cerveseria Catalana

In this tapas restaurant, locals mix-in gracefully with tourists, showing up at least 1 hour earlier than they would to get a table anywhere else! It's hard a get a table much later than 1PM or 7PM.

Just one recommendation: don’t let the waiter bring you an assortment: it’s likely to be boring. Instead, take a moment to read the menu (in English) and choose what sounds most appealing for you, and also ask the waiter about what other people are eating around you to get some extra ideas. I love their crunchy camembert and their spicy “huevos cabreados”, but there’s much more! Even picky eaters find something they like there.


Paco Meralgo

Located in a not touristy area of Barcelona, they serve great seafood tapas that you can eat on their high tables with stools. The name looks like someone’s name and last name (Paco meaning Francis), but when said out loud it sounds like “pa’ comer algo” (just to eat something). They also have zucchini flowers!


Bar Mut

With a great after-work atmosphere, here you'll find high end (and somehow pricey, but great) creative tapas and platillos miniature cuisine, seating on marble tables or their outdoor terrace.

 Awesome seafood tapas – look at the chalkboard to see what’s on that day. Their most unique dish is their fried egg carpaccio.


Tapas 24

Owned by a Michelin-starred chef that eventually decided tapas were more fun, it looks like a traditional tapas restaurant, but with high quality products and without the excessive fat of old-style bars. They are famous for their truffle “bikini” (grilled ham and cheese sandwich). But everything else is spectacular there.


La Bodegueta

You'd never think such an authentic old-school tapas bar can still exist on the classy Rambla de Catalunya. But there it is... a short set of steps down into a semi-basement takes you to a space that hasn't change much from the 1940's.

 I love their with their wine barrels and old tiled floor. That’s where locals eat (tourists prefer their outdoor terrace). Traditional tapas, Spanish ham and other charcuterie and great cheese.

+ Eixample Bonus!

  • La Bodegueta de Provença, owned by La Bodegueta, is a more modern tapas bar great when the other one is full. 
  • Mont Bar, refined tapas bar serving both traditional and creative tapas.
  • De Tapa Madre. Madrid-style tapas bar.
  • Ciudad Condal and Vinitus. The sister restaurants of Cerveseria Catalana.
  • El Nacional. Large food court in Passeig de Gràcia including a classic tapas corner and a vermouth bar.

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Best Gracia Tapas Restaurants

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Gracia district shouldn’t be confused with Passeig de Gracia avenue. Passeig de Gràcia is the main street of Eixample… ending in the border of the Gràcia district. This area keeps a “village” feel and it’s still quite local and not so explored by tourists yet.


La Xula Taperia

Only open at night, middle-aged locals love this fashionable place, their classic and international tapas and their beers. Their octopus with smokey oil is great, and so is the eggplant with foie.

From 5PM to 9PM (pretty much until dinner time), they serve a small free tapa with your drink.


Pepa Tomate

Come here for a vermouth or a bite and a drink outside meal hours, or for a seat down lunch or dinner. Great spinach fritters, asparagus with eggs and fried calamari. Your vegetarian friends will love it!


Polleria Fontana

That’s a place where no tourist would get by mistake, as it’s a totally off-the-beaten-path neighborhood. Be prepared to wait outside until you are given a place to seat, as it’s always crowded.

An old poultry shop turned into tapas bar. Although there’s not as much chicken in their menu as the name suggests (they do have croquettes and chicken wings, though). I prefer their cheese and black trumpet croquettes and their white beans and sausage omelet, to go for something unique.

  • Where: Carrer de Sant Lluís, 9
  • Website: They only seem to have a Facebook page.


Bodega Quimet

A local best-loved founded by Mr. Quimet in 1954. When his son Quimet Jr retired in 2010, the Montero brothers took over, preserving the original wine cellar decoration. Order a glass of wine or vermouth and a selection of high quality preserves and canned seafood.


La Pepita

Pepita is a nickname for Josephine. Just off Passeig de Gràcia, what means it's easy for you to get there, but the tourist crowds can't even imagine it's just around the corner...

Don’t miss their VIC (“very important croquette”, made with Spanish ham), their anchovies and their eggplant fritters.

+ Gràcia Bonus!

  • Bar Roure, Classic tapas and local crowds. 
  • Vermuteria Lou, Vermouth and small bites.
  • Lata-Berna. High end tapas with a Gràcia feel.
  • Vermuteria del Tano. A classic for Sunday vermouth at midday.

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Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona Worth a Detour


Quimet i Quimet (Poble Sec)

Poble Sec has lately become famous for the cheap tapas bars along Blai street. And while they can be fun, the quality is just ok. And the truth is that you can do way better in the area! Don't miss Quimet i Quimet!

Halfway between a deli grocery and a bar, their specialty are bread buns with assorted toppings. They prepare them right in front of you, while you are standing by the counter. It’s a quite small venue, and the owners are superfriendly. No tables: you’ll be standing up next to the counter.


La Esquinica (Nou Barris)

That’s a place where no tourist would ever find by mistake, as it’s a totally off-the-beaten-path neighborhood. Be prepared to wait outside until you are given a place to seat, as it’s always crowded. Totally traditional old-school tapas.


Bar Tomàs (Sarrià)

Possibly the most famous patatas bravas in Barcelona. And some of the grumpiest waiters, too - but that's part of the experience. Take it with sense of humor. Order some croquettes and empanadillas, too.


Bar Ramon (Sant Antoni)

Very curious venue that combines an old bedega setting with retro rock-and-roll decoration. All-time classic tapas.


Bar Lalan's

An old mom and pop bar, tucked away in a non-touristy area of Eixample. The old crowd will probably be surprised to see you there, but you know you'll be there for the amazing Spanish omelet.
  • Where: Av. de Mistral, 44
  • Website: I’m actually surprised they have a Facebook page!

Ok, so do you really need more?

  • Casa de Tapas La Cañota. Classic tapas for picky eaters in Montjuic.
  • Fàbrica Moritz. And old beer brewery turned tapas bar (Sant Antoni)
  • Mantequerías Pirenaicas. Spanish omelet to die for, in a sophisticated neighborhood (Sant Gervasi).
  • Mandri. The direct competitors of Bar Tomàs when talking about patatas bravas (Bonanova).
  • Las Delicias, a working-class restaurant near Park Guell that is always packed with locals.

What tapas restaurants in Barcelona are you planning on visiting?​


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