Things to do in Barcelona

As private tour guides we know lots of great things to do in Barcelona and we want to share them with you! Because a trip isn’t just about sightseeing but also about doing your favorite things in a new and exciting environment, and possibly in a fun new way too. We have ideas for evening plans, for music lovers, great spas to recommend you, family friendly ideas, activities for sport people, for animal lovers, for shopaholics, for foodies… Make sure to check these posts and spicy up your vacation with an activity that isn’t the average “walking around and seeing the sights”. Make the city yours, by doing what you love to do at home too.

Tibidabo Mountain at sunset (Barcelona, Spain)

What To Do In The Tibidabo Mountain

AROUND THE HILL OF TIBIDABO IN BARCELONA Nature sets strong limits to the size of Barcelona. In the bottom, the Mediterranean sea. To the sides, two water streams: the Llobregat and Besos rivers. And at the top the Collserola range with its highest peak: the Tibidabo Mountain. WE CAN CUSTOMIZE A TIBIDABO TOUR FOR YOU …

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outdoor markets barcelona catalonia spain

Barcelona Outdoor Markets, Underrated Treasures Of The City

THERE ARE OUTDOOR MARKETS IN BARCELONA FOR EVERYONE – DISCOVER THE ONE FOR YOU! When people think about Barcelona, they usually think about soccer, museums, public art, theaters, historic monuments and its nightlife. Yet, what many tourists ignore is the importance of outdoor markets as part of the culture of Barcelona. TAILORED SHOPPING TOURS IN …

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Celebrate Carnestoltes in Barcelona

A Guide To Enjoy The Barcelona Carnival

CARNIVAL IN BARCELONA – TOP EVENTS Carnival in Barcelona is not called Mardi Gras. We call it Carnestoltes in Catalan or Carnaval in Spanish, and it is traditionally celebrated the week before Lent. However, the origins of Carnival seem to date as far back as the Roman times and their festivals, later on integrated in …

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Barcelona Sant Medir Gracia

Celebrating The Sant Medir Festival

MARCH 3 IN BARCELONA – FESTES DE SANT MEDIR The year in Barcelona is full of traditions, many of them of religious root that have evolve into something festive and popular. This week we are celebrating one of the: the Festival of St. Medir (Saint Emeterius). It’s maybe not something celebrated generally around the city, …

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What to do during the Saint Eulalia Feast in Barcelona

The Santa Eulalia Festival Is Here!

CELEBRATE THE FESTA MAJOR DE SANTA EULALIA WITH THE LOCALS Saint Eulàlia of Barcelona (or popularly called Laia) was the first patron saint of Barcelona, until she was deposed by Our Lady of Mercy, la Mercè. However, her day is still celebrated in town, with her festival being the minor winter festival of the city. And …

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Feast of Saint Anthony in Barcelona

Els Tres Tombs Festival Takes Place This Week

CELEBRATING THE FESTIVAL OF SANT ANTONI IN BARCELONA There was a time when it was common to see carriages and horsemen in the city, so the Tres Tombs parade and animal blessing felt just like the natural thing to do in a strongly Catholic society. Now animal force has been substituted by cars and other …

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Barcelona Christmas markets

All The Christmas Markets In Barcelona

WHERE ARE THE BARCELONA CHRISTMAS MARKETS? Many families have made visiting a Christmas market part of their pre-Christmas family traditions. Taking the kids to the market, wandering around the stalls and marveling about the Christmas decorations and the lights, maybe allowing them to buy one or two items that they’ll carefully pick, and all in all, …

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Playgrounds Barcelona

Barcelona Best Playgrounds For Travelling Families

BEST PLAYGROUNDS IN BARCELONA NEAR TOURIST SITES Traveling with kids means combining sightseeing time with play time. It wouldn’t be wise to organize your entire time in the city without letting your children unplug, run, and get wild, but expect them to behave at museums and sites. They need to spend all their energy and …

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Find your outlet in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

The Ultimate Barcelona Outlet Shopping List

TOP BARCELONA OUTLETS (THAT LOCALS KNOW ABOUT AND YOU DON’T) Do you love buying clothes at bargain prices? Can you imagine being able to go outlet shopping in Barcelona during your vacation? Shopping has become one of the top leisure activities to enjoy when traveling: it’s fun, it’s different from what you can find at home …

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Barcelona bars to watch soccer

Where To Watch Football In Barcelona?

THE BEST BARCELONA SPORTS BARS Today we are not offering you the typical list of sports bars in Barcelona packed with noisy Irish pubs where young tourists get drunk. Well, we’ll give you a couple that are super famous, but we’ll also give you other lesser known options that are suitable for all ages. So if …

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Motorsports in Barcelona

Driving Experiences In Barcelona

OUR FAVORITE BARCELONA DRIVING EXPERIENCES Is driving one of your passions? Would you like to explore Barcelona by car or riding a motorbike or scooter? Are you a motorsports lover? Then today’s post is for you! With the easy to drive grid of the Eixample, and some vehicle friendly large avenues such as Diagonal, Paral·lel, the …

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Fishing charters Barcelona and other activities

Barcelona Fishing Ideas

BARCELONA FISHING CHARTERS AND OTHER ACTIVITIES FOR FISHING LOVERS Most people won’t think of Barcelona as a fishing area. But the thing is that being located by the Mediterranean sea, there are many fishing related activities that will allow you to enjoy your favorite hobby and do something away from the tourist crowds. From fishing …

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Hot Air Balloon near Barcelona

See Barcelona From The Air

RAISE ABOVE THE SKIES: FLY IN BARCELONA Have you ever dreamed of flying? I’ve always envied those people who assure that in the middle of a dream they can “decide” they can fly and hop! they start flying. But you don’t really need to train yourself to have lucid dreams to experience the sensation of …

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Barcelona wedding ideas

Best Places To Get Married In Barcelona

BEST SETTINGS FOR A WEDDING IN BARCELONA Ever dreamed of getting married abroad? Maybe planning a small wedding with only those people who would travel anywhere just to be with you on such a special date. So why not Barcelona? It’s a very special destination, with an amazing food scene (great banquet after the ceremony, anyone?), …

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Barcelona for kids, by ForeverBarcelona

More Things To Do For Families In Barcelona

GREAT ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS IN BARCELONA Barcelona is such a kid-friendly city, and in our blog you have plenty of ideas for your family trip: activities with animals, cool things to do and much more. But planning a trip with children isn’t easy, and you want them to pick activities they are sure to enjoy and mix them in with …

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