Spanish alcohol beverages by ForeverBarcelona

Catalan and Spanish alcoholic drinks you must try

Delicious Spanish liqueurs you’ve never heard of Did you know that the world of Spanish drinks isn’t just about its wines and sparklings? There is also a very appealing variety of liquors for all tastes that most tourists will miss, and yet, they are a very intimate part of the local culture and gastronomy. So […]

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Coca Sant Joan

Spanish Coca de Sant Joan Recipe in 5 easy steps

Want to learn how to make coca bread? June 24th is Saint John’s day, and in Catalonia people celebrate it with a big fireworks festival the evening before. Locals get together to make bonfires, see the fireworks, toast with cava and… eat coca bread! It’s easy to buy it in any local bakery or cake […]

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Catalan pasta recipes | ForeverBarcelona

Catalan pasta dishes

Did you know that pasta in Catalonia is really popular? Catalonia and Italy were very connected in the middle ages, so it is not strange that their cuisine had a strong influence in our own way of cooking. And while we don’t have the impressive variety of sauces and shapes you’ll find in Italy, pasta […]

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Bakery Barcelona

Where is the best bakery in Barcelona?

We help you find the best Barcelona bread When you are traveling, finding good bread is not easy if you don’t know where to go. You eventually end up buying it at some supermarket, or maybe a bakery that doesn’t look so great, tired of looking for the real thing. But in a world where […]

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Mushrooms in Barcelona: must-have list for foodies

Catalan and Spanish mushrooms to try this fall

Our foodie Spanish mushroom list Mushrooms are huge in Barcelona and Catalonia and other humid areas from the North of Spain, while drier areas such as Castile almost despise them and limit their consumption one of the most popular Spanish mushroom tapas: “champinones al ajillo” (sauteed mushrooms with garlic and parsley). But in our area, when the […]

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