What do see in Cadaques

Cadaques: Things to do

Visiting Cadaques? Here is what you need to know Cadaqués is one of the most iconic seaside villages of the Catalan coast, the end of the Costa Brava. Artists such as Salvador Dali fell in love with its charm, a combination of Greek-like whitewashed streets and moon-like rocky landscapes. But Cadaqués is located almost 3 […]

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Barcelona Evening Sightseeing

What to see when sightseeing at night in Barcelona in the Summer

Tips for Barcelona night sightseeing in the Summer It’s so easy to plan your daytime sightseeing, but when it comes to the evening, it’s hard to get ideas beyond dinning out and going to a flamenco show (where, that’s not entirely true, we gave you some great ideas about the nightlife in Barcelona here and here in previous […]

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Barcelona sites from the book Origin by Dan Brown

The Barcelona of Dan Brown in Origin (with spoilers)

Dan Brown Origin locations: Barcelona sites, elements and landscapes Next Monday it’s the International Day of Books – St. Jordi, a huge celebration in Catalonia. So what better than discussing books today? And did you know Origin by Dan Brown takes place in Barcelona? Or should I say for the most part, as it also […]

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Catalonia sites in Ruta de l'Atzar

My 2yo steals my phone to see this video about Catalonia over and over again

Ruta de l’Atzar, great video with happy song My baby steals my phone to keep watching this Catalonia video over and over again. And we don’t encourage her to have much “screen time” at all: we prefer her to play. But in this case, I can’t blame her: this video is the cutest thing ever. I […]

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Top churches Barcelona

Best churches in Barcelona to visit

A list of the most important Barcelona churches Churches are a very important part of the European history and architecture. Not only they were remarkable buildings and symbols of the religious power, but they were also a meeting place for the locals, where to celebrate life events. And since most local traditions have a Christian […]

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