Legal Notice:

  • Marta Laurent Veciana is the ultimate person responsible for ForeverBarcelona data treatment, but it can be handled by other members of the ForeverBarcelona Admin team.
  • The data you submit by filling up your booking form will be used to provide the services you are booking, charge you for them as well as to generate the due invoices. We might also use them to generate statistics that help us understand better our customers’ needs and identify ways to better serve our customers. Even if you don’t complete your booking, our system might collect the data willingly entered by you on a previous checkout stage and send you an automated email reminder if you couldn’t complete your booking for whatever reason.
  • By filling up this booking form you are giving ForeverBarcelona permission to treat the personal and travel data provided in your email communications and booking form.
  • Your data are stored in the apps described in our privacy policy. We only use services that comply with the current regulations and ensure adequate protection of your data.
  • We will store your data for as long as we need it for the purposes disclosed in our privacy policy.
  • You have the right to access, modify and delete your data. We might not be able provide our services to you without having access to certain personal and travel data, including the data provided in this form.
  • You can read our full privacy policy here.
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