Cadaques Barcelona Tour

Cadaques tour from Barcelona

Have you heard of the seaside village of Cadaqués and how its landscape influenced so many artists? Does the combination of Mediterranean sea, rocky landscapes, art and whitewashed houses sound like a paradise to you? Are you ready for a long ride to scratch it from your bucket list? Is really visiting Cadaques a dream […]

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Girona and Montserrat in one day F

Montserrat & Girona in one day

Visiting Montserrat and Girona is your dream? Only have one day to visit them and your desire is so strong that not even the long rides between them will make you change your opinion? The Monastery of Montserrat and the medieval town in Girona are two of the top destinations for a Barcelona day trip. […]

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Priorat private wine tour

Private Priorat Wine Tour

A day exploring the Priorat Wineries Are you REALLY into wine? You don't mind driving 2 to 3 hours off the beaten path to taste some exceptional wine? Budget is not an issue if the experience is worth it when it comes to tasting? Connoisseurs started becoming interested in the Priorat wine region some years [...]

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The Dali Triangle Tours

Are you a Salvador Dali fan? Would you like to visit not just his famous Theater Museum in his hometown Figueres, but also the other two mansions where he lived? Are you ready for a very exciting (but long) day? Visiting the Dali Triangle in one day by yourself isn’t just tricky to plan, but […]

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