Barcelona Jigsaw puzzles

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Example of Barcelona Jigsaw puzzles

Dream About Being Here With These Barcelona Puzzles


As the days in confinement go by, at home we start needing new ideas for things to do. Luckily our 4yo keeps us busy! But sometimes it’s great to have a quiet activity that allows us to be together, create something beautiful and stay focused (rather than listening to our minds in confinement-fear-mode).

And one great way to do that are… puzzles! How long since the last time you did one? Probably a while, isn’t it? Because unless it’s your go-to hobby, most people don’t usually have time for puzzles on their daily busy lives. Whereas now… there’s all the time in the world to get back to the little pleasures and fun challenges of life! 

So today I’ve selected some cool puzzles themed around Barcelona, so you can play and stay connected with this city you really want to visit whenever this crazy situation is over. Have fun!

Cool Barcelona puzzles for you:


Easy and Intermediate level

Unfortunately it’s hard to find Barcelona puzzles with not too many pieces. But if you are planning a family trip to Spain, you’ll want to get your little ones engaged by getting familiar with this cool 120-pieces map of Spain puzzle for kids (also available in more pieces). Or if your kids are into soccer, then they’ll love this FC Barcelona jigsaw.


500+ piece puzzles

The 500-piece level offers much  more variety… You can find them for lots of different sites and areas:

If nothing scares you and you have the patience of the Dalai Lama… 1000 piece puzzles should be your thing!  The complexity of this other puzzle of Park Guell mosaics can make your brain explode – approach with caution but enjoy the kaleidoscope-like result! And this cartoonish drawing of the top city sites is just cool. And there’s much more! 

The 3D puzzle options are somehow limited, but not less exciting! I’m in love with this 3D reproduction of famous Gaudi sites including Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila and Casa Batllo. And I’ll look great as home decoration! Or if you have soccer-loving kids… Challenge them to build this cool FC Barcelona Stadium 3D puzzle!

AND BONUS! An educational Barcelona puzzle for committed travel planners:

One of the hardest things to figure out when you plan your trip is the distances and layout of a city you’ve never been to before. This cool 4D Barcelona puzzle gets you familiar with the city map and the location of the top sites, but that’s not all!

You get to do it following a historical timeline organized in layers from the Middle Ages in 1117 all the way to our times – you miss the Roman foundations of the city, though! It’s a wonderful way to understand how Barcelona has grown through the centuries! Is there a better way to prepare your trip? Get it on Amazon.

What is your favorite Barcelona puzzle?


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