Changes requested by the client

  • Date/time changes. Date/Time changes will depend on our team’s availability, and might imply a tour guide change. PLEASE NOTE that if we have already bought any tickets for your tour, such tickets will be lost and you’ll have to pay for them again if you still wish to visit those sites (we can’t guarantee availability, though, as tickets sell out in some sites).
    • Last minute logistic changes. We might not be able to accommodate logistic changes (date, meeting point, starting time, number of people, etc.) requested less than 72 hours before the scheduled tour starting time. Each case will be studied independently taking into consideration our guides/drivers availability and their other commitments, as well as purchased/necessary tickets.
  • Itinerary changes. Itinerary changes can be usually introduced without any problem (except when they mean extending the tour time: in that case it will depend on our availability). Note that itinerary changes in daytrips might imply a change in the final fee. PLEASE NOTE that if we have already bought any site tickets for your tour, and you decided to skip it from your original itinerary, such tickets will be lost and no refund will be given.
    • Last minute requests to shorten a tour. No refund applies if the client decides to end their tour earlier than scheduled. The unused time or equivalent cost is lost and won’t be put forward to a future service.
  • Driver changes requested by the client:
    • Adding a driver. If you booked a walking tour and decided to change to a chauffeured tour, this will only be possible depending on drivers availability.
    • Canceling a driver. If you booked a chauffeured tour and later on you decided to cancel the driver, cancellation fees might apply. Each case will be studied independently.
    • Changing vehicle size. If you booked a tour in a vehicle for a certain amount of passengers and later on the group size changed and needed a larger/smaller vehicle, the change of vehicle will depend on the driver’s availability. No vehicle change is accepted in less than 24h before the scheduled tour starting time.

Changes made by ForeverBarcelona

  • Tour guide changes: ForeverBarcelona reserves the right to change your tour guide after booking upto 5 days before your tour, for organizational reasons, unless a Fave Guide Upgrade has been purchased. We also reserve the right to change your guide for force majeure reasons (in which case we’d refund the cost of the Fave Guide Upgrade if you had bought it).
  • Itinerary changes: We’ll stick to the agreed itinerary as much as possible, but we reserve the right to change the itinerary and timings depending on weather conditions and unpredictable events caused by traffic, demonstrations, works in progress… Our itineraries are based on the typical tourist pace: not too rushed, but not too relaxed. Our guides handle the tour rhythm in a pleasant way, but it’s the client responsibility to follow the guides indications so we can cover everything that was planned. Foreverbarcelona will not be responsible if there wasn’t time to visit all the promised sites in the itinerary. No refunds for itinerary changes.
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