Are Tickets Included Or Do We Need To Buy Them In Advance?

Entrance fees are NOT included – but don’t worry: you’ll skip lines. Click to learn more about what’s included and what’s not. YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY TICKETS IN ADVANCE, in general lines (see exceptions below), because as official tourguides we are entitled to skip lines in most museums and monuments. So no time wasted to get in: You will be taken to the groups entrance, buy the tickets and go in right away. Easy!


  • PARK GÜELL. As of November 2013, Park Güell is charging entrance fees and the number of tickets available per hour is very limited. Even if tourguides can still skip lines there, if they have already sold out their tickets for immediate access, we’d be asked to wait until the next available time slot. This is why, in order not to waste valuable time from your tour, if your tour includes Park Güell, the price of your tickets will be added to your deposit when you make your booking, so we can buy the tickets for you. You won’t have to worry buying them yourself: we will do that for you and your guide will have them ready on the day of your tour.
  • SAGRADA FAMILIA CHURCH. Since 2014, the number of visitors in the Sagrada Familia church has rocketed and the available tickets for the day are selling out. Our company is authorized to block tickets for groups upto 9 people in advance and pay them upon arrival on the day of the tour. They assign us a specific 1 hour time slot to get in. However, even when booking in advance, there is a risk that tickets are already sold out for the day. This is why for bookings confirmed less than 10 days before the tour date we cannot ensure we will have entrances available.

If such problem occurred, we’d contact the client providing alternatives.

Please do not buy the tickets yourself, as in such case your tour guide might NOT be allowed to go inside with you (according to the Sagrada Familia access and safety restrictions).

Occasionally for tours on very busy days we might need to buy the tickets for other sites (Torre Bellesguard, Palau Güell…) in advance. We reserve the right to ask you to send us their cost in advance so we can take care of them.

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