• While we aim at describing our tours, services and products as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee that the itineraries, timings, pricing, vehicles, tour guides and other elements of your tour will be 100% accurate at any given time. Occasionally, we may correct errors in pricing and other tour details. If you encounter an error, please let us know: we’ll take action and offer you the best customer service we can to remedy the situation.
  • You must be older than 18 years old to book a tour with ForeverBarcelona, and you must provide a real name and address for invoicing purposes.
  • You or other adult in your party will be responsible for any infant, child or teen minor than 18 years old participating in your tour. No tour can be booked for minors only: there will always be at least one adult in your party to accompany them. Age of majority in Spain is 18 years old, so a young adult older than 18 can already be legally considered responsible for kids in their party if there isn’t anyone more suitable. ForeverBarcelona tourguides, drivers and other ForeverBarcelona staff and collaborators will never be considered legal tutors of underage participants of the tour, nor responsible for them.
  • The payment of the tour or first installment of payment plan or use of the gift certificate constitutes consent of the tour to the terms and conditions explained herein.
  • Our tours begin on your arranged pickup time and end at the expiration of the number of hours booked.
  • Foreverbarcelona reserves the right to cancel the services booked by any disruptive or disrespectful customer without notice. No refunds will be given in such a case.
  • Foreverbarcelona cannot be held responsible for acts beyond its control, ie: acts of Nature, Acts of War, Planned or Unplanned attacks. We are not responsible for damages or losses including loss of income from persons or entities not controlled by Foreverbarcelona, such as Transportation Providers, Tourist Sites such as Buildings, Museums or other Tourist Attractions,  Restaurants, Cafés, Bars, Shops or any other provider. In the event of any claims, disputes arising from our relationship or caused by the tours; all parties consent to having their grievances heard in the jurisdictions and venues of the courts in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Tourguides other than Marta Laurent Veciana are freelance professionals and they are not employees of Foreverbarcelona. Foreverbarcelona acts only as an intermediary to provide you tours when Marta Laurent Veciana is not available. They are all professional and experienced licensed tourguides.
  • Drivers hired by Foreverbarcelona are service providers and they do not belong to nor are operated by Foreverbarcelona or Marta Laurent Veciana.