• Foreverbarcelona reserves the right to change the tourguide assigned upon booking for organizational reasons until upto 5 days before tour date, unless a Fave Guide Upgrade has been purchased.
  • Foreverbarcelona commits not to change the tourguide assigned to the client having purchased the Fave Guide Upgrade (except for force majeure or causes beyond Foreverbarcelona’s control such as health issues, pregnancy, death, acts of God or other occurrences)
  • The Fave Guide Upgrade is only available for a client upon booking and during the following 5 days after their booking has been finalized. After that, Foreverbarcelona will consider the client is not interested in purchasing the Fave Guide Upgrade and will be free to reassign a different guide if needed.
  • The Fave Guide Upgrade is not refundable, except in the case that Foreverbarcelona failed to provide the assigned guide due to force majeure reasons or other causes beyond our control. Only in that case, the Fave Guide Upgrade fee will be refunded within 10 working days.
  • When a client is booking several tours, only ONE Fave Guide Upgrade is needed to secure the assigned guide/s.
  • A Fave Guide Upgrade does not entitle a client to choose their tourguide: guides are assigned depending on their availability, and we also take into account the client’s preferences although they are not binding. A Fave Guide Upgrade can’t be used to “steal” a guide from another client nor force her/him to open up a date in her/his calendar.
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