ForeverBarcelona is a hand-picked team of top licensed guides.

Marta is the main tourguide at Most tours are given by her in person, and this is why she is the one who gets most testimonials.

When Marta is not available, we use the tourguides from our team of collaborators. All of them have been handpicked by Marta in person, speak great English, are fully licensed and entitled to skip lines, and are very knowledgeable, fun and experienced. Get to know them here.

Please note that our collaborators are freelance professionals. Foreverbarcelona acts only as an intermediary to provide you a tour when Marta is not available. However, our fees will remain the same as if you were touring with Marta, and you’ll still have to secure your tour by sending us your payment in full.

Occasionally we my need to refer you to another company if we are not able to provide a tour for you. In those cases, you’d be dealing directly with other companies/guides with their own fees and you’d be paying them directly according to their own conditions.






If you are booking via our online booking engine, the system will assign you the first guide available.

If you are booking by email, you are welcome to let us know your preferences and we’ll take them into account when we assign you a tourguide, as long as he/she is available.


Please note that we reserve the right to change the tourguide assigned to your tour upto 7 days prior to the tour date. If you wish to secure your tourguide and avoid changes, you can purchase a Fave Guide Upgrade until 5 days after completing your booking.