Do you have a favorite tourguide that you'd love to have?
Then the Fave Guide Upgrade is for you!

What is a Fave Guide Upgrade?

A Fave Guide Upgrade is the way to secure the tourguide YOU want (as long as she’s available at the time of booking), and that you won’t be reassigned someone else later on.

Why a Fave Guide Upgrade?

Due to organizational and management reasons, there is a small chance we might have to reassign you a different tourguide other than the one we assigned you upon booking (we commit not to do that within less than 7 days before your tour date).

While we are proud of all our tourguides, and are confident that any of us can give you the amazing tour you are dreaming of, we also understand that sometimes there are clients who have a strong preference for one of us, having maybe read great reviews about her, and having their guide changed might be disappointing or even a bit concerning.

We have created the Fave Guide Upgrade to give you the peace of mind that once you’ve booked your favorite tourguide, she’s the one that will be giving you the tour no matter what.






The Fave Guide Upgrade is for you if:

  • You have a strong preference for the guide you’ve been assigned.
  • You don’t want to take any risk of having your tourguide reassigned.
  • You’d feel hurt, concerned or disappointed if your guide was changed.
  • You might even consider cancelling your tour if you didn’t get your favorite guide.

The Fave Guide Upgrade is NOT for you if:

  • Your favorite tourguide wasn’t available by the time you completed your booking (In other words, it is not possible to “steal” a guide from another client nor force her to open up a date in her calendar by getting the Fave Guide Upgrade)
  • You don’t have a favorite tourguide that you really want to have.
  • It wouldn’t be a big deal for you if eventually there was a guide change.
  • The 5% possibility of having your guide changed doesn’t sound “risky” enough to pay for an upgrade.

Are there other ways to keep my favorite tourguide if I don’t upgrade?

No. However, there is only a 5% chance that we need to send you a different tourguide after the booking has been confirmed.

If you are booking something like a theme tour, a special tour or a daytrip out of town, the possibilities that your tourguide is changed are even more reduced. And if you are a repeat client, we’ll do our best so you can get the same guide you had again.

Nevertheless, none of these guarantees that you’ll get your favorite tourguide for sure. The only way to secure your favorite tourguide is by getting a Fave Guide Upgrade upon booking.


Additional to each tour you wish to secure.


Non refundable

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