Organic Restaurant in Barcelona: ObbioSome years ago it was quite difficult to eat organic food in Barcelona. However, things have changed and while eating organic is not mainstream yet, it has become more and more popular amongst the locals that want to eat healthy. First neighborhood health shops, then the organic grocery stores Veritas, now even large Spanish supermarket chains have some space reserved for organic food and products.

But what about eating out? Finding an organic restaurant in Barcelona is not that easy, yet, but there are more and more options appearing. While a lot of vegetarian restaurants include some organic food options in their menu, they aren’t usually fully organic. Make sure to check out organic restaurant guide to know where to find the secret spots for organic food.

These are our favorite eateries in the organic Barcelona scene:


It’s not only an organic restaurant, but it’s actually an eco supermarket with a restaurant and a book store in it. A new space to share everything related to organic and bio-dynamic products, from drinks and food to cleaning products and cosmetics. The restaurant shows the great variety of dishes that can be prepared with organic products while enjoying a healthy meal. They offer breakfasts, juices, teas, and a vegetarian/vegan buffet  made with seasonal, fresh organic food.

Organic Food at OhBoFeeld Organic

A supermarket, a café, a restaurant and a florist! Free wifi and and plugs are available for working or reading while having a drink. A charming well-lit and well-designed venue, also great for a relaxing break. All their suppliers have to fulfill three requirements: being organic, local and committed to some social integration project. By the way, you get water for free! (Not very common in our country…)

Woki Market

Their slogan is “Like before, but now”, so this chain of restaurants fondly offers cooked organic and seasonal comfort food such as organic pasta, meat from the Pyrenees, seasonal salads, and their specialty: Woks where you can choose the ingredients and the sauce, then they prepare it for you at the moment. If you love burgers, don’t hesitate to try them either! Three of their 4 venues have also a supermarket where you can buy a great variety of organic products.

OhBo Café

Where to eat organic food in Barcelona

Healthy does not mean boring. The owner of OhBo knows it and that’s why he decided open this organic restaurant. Not only for vegetarians or vegans but for everyone, no matter if you are raw vegan, celiac or you love meat, or if you just are a healthy person that likes to eat well. They have an extensive menu with more than 20 smoothies and freshly squeezed juices, each one with a specific healing purpose; anti-aging, detox, energy… In the menu they also show the nutritional values of every dish. Good job!


NO to microwaves, No to fried products and No to refined sugar, transgenic… No to everything that means aggressive cooking or alterations to the real food. Proud of their product, here they are more interested in how to cook it than in creating sophisticated dishes. All their main ingredients proudly state where they come from; beef from La Pobla, lamb from El Ripollès, fruits and vegetables form Can Gallina… Go local!

So what about you? Head to the comments below and tells us: do you know any other organic restaurant in Barcelona?



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