Summer fruits in Spain

Summer fruits are so refreshing… And if you are visiting Barcelona in the summer, eating fresh fruit or drinking summer fruits juice will help you prevent dehydration. And a summer fruit salad can make a great and healthy breakfast or dessert.

Plus it’s always fun to try new produce that you don’t find at home very easily. Peaches, apples, pears, plums, pineapple, mango… All those our summer fruits that you can find pretty much everywhere nowadays. But if you visit the Boqueria food market in spring or in the summer, if you pay attention you will be able to see their summer fruits that are not as common in your country, or at least different from what you are used to. Let’s see what they are!

Here are our favorite summer fruits:

Medlars (loquats)

Spanish kids love this summer fruits that make a great dessert. But after eating them they can play with their  seeds: Sometimes you get only one but very large, while other times you get many smaller.

Refreshing summer fruitsBaby Pears (St. John’s pears)

You will only find these tiny pears in the market between the end of June and the beginning of July. There meet is hard, but their flavor is very sweet. Again, this is a children favorite!


I’m not talking about honeydew or cantaloup: even if they are now easier to find, these are still considered sort of exotic types of melon in Spain. Instead, “piel de sapo” melon (for some awkward  reason also called “Santa Claus” melon in English) is the melon everyone eats at home. It is the size of a small watermelon, and it is sized like a rugby ball. Dark green outside, inside it is white or yellow and very sweet. Have you will often find it in restaurants served as a starter and topped with Spanish ham.

Wild summer fruitsFigs

In Spain we make a difference between “brevas” and “higos”. Brevas are the first fruit of fig trees that riden at the beginning of the summer. Later on the same tree gives “higos”, that are slightly smaller that much sweeter.

Wild strawberries

My family used to take me picking up these tiny strawberries from the forests in the Pyrennes when I was a kid. Now I know that I can buy them in some specialty food stores of the Boqueria market. They are great to decorate your desserts and cakes.

But wait! There is more!

6Zucchini flower

Although they are not be considered “summer fruits”, they are a delicious product that is also very seasonable and in Spain you can only find them in the market during the months of spring and summer. Fried in tempura or stuffed with cheese, you are sure to surprise your guests.

So what about you? Help us grow our summer fruits list! Go to the comments and tell us: are there any special summer fruits in your country?


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