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Gemma introduces herself

I was born in Barcelona although a couple of years ago I moved to a smaller town to live in the countryside, which I really enjoy.

I’ve always loved learning languages. I started the Translation and Interpreting degree, but I realized very soon that my English had to be improved and, as I was a very adventurous girl, I decided to move to UK to work and learn English, and I lived there for nearly 2 years. After that, I went back to Barcelona but I didn’t stay long:  I was very eager to learn other languages and discover new countries, so I moved out again, this time to live in Italy for one year and a half.

When I came back, I started working at the Barcelona airport. Despite it being a hard job because I was in charge of managing airline passenger complaints, I loved being in contact with the customers. Then I was promoted to work at the airline’s headquarters, where I stayed for nearly 10 years. I had more responsibilities and got to travel a lot, but I wasn’t in touch with customers that much anymore, and I missed that.

That was when I became passionate about a totally different field: Naturopathy. And I eventually quit my job at the airline to study it.

I’m so happy to be now part of the ForeverBarcelona team because it allows me be in customer service again, while I can continue studying my other passion.

Marta says…

When our bookings manager Pilar told me she needed more time to work in the company she ran with her husband and that she’d be quitting ForeverBarcelona soon, I was worried it’d be difficult to find someone to pick up her job at the same skillful level.

Thankfully, she agreed to stay as long as it’d be necessary to train her substitute, and we found the perfect solution in Gemma: she speaks great English she has lots of experience dealing with customers and reservations, she’s born and raised in Barcelona so she knows the city well, plus two of her sisters are part of our guide’s team – what makes her familiar with the guiding world. And the best part is that she’s a fast learner and is very open to learn our systems.

I’m very happy to have her in our team. Welcome Gemma!



She speaks English, French and Italian.

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